Android Go Expansion Continues, First Post-U.S. Stop: Brazil

Android Go Twist Brazil June 2018

Google is continuing the expansion of the Android Go ecosystem shortly after one of its partners brought the first Android Go device to the United States, having debuted it in the form of the Alcatel 1X. The company’s next stop is Brazil, where Alcatel, Multilaser, and Positivo will be introducing new Android Go smartphones in the coming weeks. The upcoming handsets will hence all run a special edition of Android Oreo specifically designed for hardware with no more than 1GB of RAM which would typically struggle with a regular variant of the world’s most popular operating system. The streamlined suite of Android Go apps including YouTube Go, Gmail Go, and Maps Go is also coming to Brazil and will be pre-installed on all eligible handsets, as was the case with every other market where such products were launched in the past.

Originally announced late last year as Android Oreo (Go Edition), Google’s latest OS platform is meant to help grow its mobile ecosystem and is particularly aimed at developing markets as an alternative to low-end smartphones which are widely perceived as offering a worse user experience than high-end feature phones despite competing in the same price bracket. Some original equipment manufacturers still ended up targeting developed countries and were seemingly rewarded for doing so, with the Alcatel 1X being sold out in the U.S. in a matter of days. Besides Android Go, Brazil is also set to receive more Google Assistant Actions as the Alphabet-owned company partnered with some 30 local firms in order to allow its digital helper to make reservations, hail a ride, order takeout, and provide a number of other services to users.

Google Maps are presently also being updated with additional optimizations for major Brazilian cities, particularly those meant to help people avoid restricted areas, with Search also being set to receive some improvements intended to help keep citizens informed about the upcoming general election taking place in October which will decide the next President and Vice President, National Congress roster, and a number of other key government and legislative positions.