Alto's Odyssey Drops Next Month, Pre-Registration Now Open


Noodlecake Studios has announced that its iOS hit Alto's Odyssey, sequel to Alto's Adventure, will be coming to Android sometime next month and pre-registration on Google Play is already open. On iOS since February of this year, the game flips its prequel's snowy tundras and beautiful white vistas on their heads, trading them in for Alto and friends traversing the endless desert on sandboards. The smooth pixel art graphics are largely the same, but this game is a much tamer and more introspective ordeal than its predecessor. From a gameplay standpoint, a slew of new types of obstacles and creatures have been added, but the base game hasn't changed in any noticeable way.

The core of the game is fairly simple. Just like in the last game, you command Alto and some friends as they hop on their boards and explore a vast and beautiful landscape at high speed. This isn't a joyride where you can sit back and enjoy the scenery, of course; there are all sorts of obstacles to trip you up, and even wild animals to compete with. You get bursts of speed by doing tricks, among other benefits, leading to some interesting gameplay moments wherein you're motivated to fire off tricks at a time that's not conducive to such behavior. There are tons of different goals you can work toward, and a wide range of scenarios to experience.

Alto's Odyssey has an impressive pedigree, coming from a top mobile developer and following up a title that resonated with crowds across operating systems. The Android version currently holds a 4.5 star rating in the Play Store, is an Editor's Choice game, and boasts over 500,000 unique reviews from its over 10 million users. There is no exact date yet for the release of Alto's Odyssey on Android nor was there a mention of cost, so the game could end up being free just like the first game or players may have to spend a little to get a hold of it.


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