Verizon's 5G Backs ChalkTalk, New AR Education Tool


Verizon shared more details on a collaborative effort pertaining to an AR learning tool called ChalkTalk, undertaken by NYU's Future Reality Lab using the carrier's pre-commercial 5G Incubator at New York City's Alley. Dr. Ken Perlin and his students developed ChalkTalk as a way to utilize AR to enhance education lessons with immersive visuals. The idea is to create a virtual space for visual representations that are interactive and keep up with the instructor, teacher, or professor in real time. That way, as the individual leading the class moves through a lesson, the students are able to gain a deeper understanding of what is being taught but that presents real problems, too. Latency and throughput with current-generation networks will work, to a degree, but also hold the solution back. By utilizing Verizon's pre-commercial 5G technology, Perlin was able to create the more robust and immersive experience offered with his open-source ChalkTalk tool.

Breaking down how that works, as mentioned above, ChalkTalk creates a 3D AR representation of material objects or other visuals associated with a given lesson. That's interacted with by students and instructor via mobile and AR. For example, Perlin describes how a physics lesson might make use of ChalkTalk to show a graph representing a movement. However, to better illustrate the point, he can then attach a pendulum to the graph in real-time in AR and then swing the pendulum. As that swings, the graph will change to show the sine wave, demonstrating the magnitude of that motion in both a physical object and the more technical mathematical side of things.

This project actually represents just the first in what the telecom giant refers to as a series which profiles startups and universities working with Verizon to develop real-world 5G use cases. So this is hardly the only effort being undertaken and there will likely be quite a few other programs revealed as the next-generation networks continue to be developed and released. In the meantime, the technology solutions highlighted in the series are also being featured by Verizon on YouTube. The video for ChalkTalk has been included below for anybody interested in checking it out.


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