Verizon & Mocana Partner On ThingSpace IoT Security

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Mocana and Verizon have now partnered to bring simplified IoT security to Verizon’s ThingSpace platform via the incorporation of Mocana TrustPoint. For those who may not recall, ThingSpace is Verizon’s web-based IoT platform first launched in 2015. TrustPoint, on the other hand, is Mocana’s premier mission-critical endpoint solution for IoT security, already used to secure more than 100 million devices across the world’s largest industrial and IoT manufacturers. The introduction of TrustpPoint to ThingSpace’s deep network and managed security is intended to make managing IoT security lifecycles easier in order to improve supply chain integrity.

Breaking down what that means for the platform, Mocana says the integration will simplify the process of developing IoT applications that arrive with pre-integrated security solutions customized to suit embedded systems and microcontrollers. It also means IoT devices communicating with Verizon’s network can be hardened against attacks via secure boots, updates, intelligent firewalls, and security credentialing. That’s in addition to NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated cryptography. Meanwhile, IoT device onboarding and enrollment will be simplified alongside solutions for IoT authentication and authorization. Taken together, the inclusion of TrustPoint effectively provides a way for IoT developers on the ThingSpace platform to include security as an off-the-shelf solution. Simultaneously, that security will be customizable to suit individual needs of each IoT implementation, while providing much-needed peace of mind to the IoT ecosystem. What’s more, by incorporating the solution in that way, Verizon and Mocana should be able to speed up development of IoT applications on the platform since security doesn’t need to be built from scratch with each development.

Security in the burgeoning IoT industry has been a chief concern among analysts and security experts for quite some time. That’s primarily due to the fact that the technology creates a much broader, and therefore more appealing, attack surface for malicious actors. By including Mocana’s TrustPoint as a ready-made solution for developers, Verizon is beginning to address some of those concerns. It goes without saying that won’t be a perfect solution, but each layer of security makes the platform less appealing to would-be hackers and those actors account for nearly half of data breaches by some reports. So this is certainly a step in the right direction.