Urban Airship Launches Simple Google Pay Ticketing System – Google I/O 2018

Urban Airship Logo

Digital company Urban Airship arrived to the latest iteration of the annual Google I/O developer conference to announce a new ticketing and boarding pass system for Google Pay, touting its solution as being extremely straightforward and simple to use. The technology is being offered to businesses interested in supporting such convenient purchase platforms, according to the Portland, Oregon-based company.

The newly announced solution replaces physical tickets and emailed boarding passes with digital mobile certificates which offer real-time updates and come with dedicated support channels. Anything from altered gate numbers to more general flight detail changes are relayed to one’s mobile device via notifications, with businesses themselves having the ability to create highly personalized mobile tickets. Urban Airship’s API can communicate with flight reservation and information systems directly, with that real-time feature being one of its main selling points and Google’s technology allowing it to utilize the service on a large scale. The new service is also a direct boost to the overall competitiveness of Google Pay that’s presently aiming for the title of the world’s most popular mobile payments tool.

The Las Vegas Monorail recently embraced Google Pay as well, with the Alphabet-owned company’s mobile tool recently surpassing a hundred million installs on the Google Play Store as well. Originally launched in late February, Google Pay is effectively a unified version of Android Pay and Google Wallet introduced in an attempt to streamline the firm’s mobile payment portfolio. The platform is also available in the form of a web app as of early March, with Google now promoting it as one of its main Android offerings. While the company has been implementing artificial intelligence solutions into a broad range of its apps in recent times, Google Pay is still relatively free of such software, though possibly not for long. This year’s Google I/O remains is running for three days, from today through Thursday, May 10.