UMIDIGI Z2 Presale Subscriptions Are Live, Giveaway Launched

UMIDIGI Z2 pre sale 1

UMIDIGI has just made it available to subscribe for the presale of the UMIDIGI Z2, for those of you who are interested. All you have to do is visit the company’s official website (link is included down below), and type in your e-mail, so that the company can notify you when the time comes. UMIDIGI has also announced that the presale will kick off on June 11 at 8AM UTC, and you will be able to purchase the device for $249.99, which means that the company will discount the phone by $50 during the presale period, after it ends, the phone will revert to its regular price tag of $299.99. Do keep in mind that you need to subscribe in order to be able to avail this discount.

It seems like the company will start presales for the UMIDIGI Z2 only on June 11, while the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro will arrive a bit later. The company is, however, planning to give away 10 UMIDIGI Z2 Pro handsets bundled with the UMIDIGI Q1 wireless chargers. If you’re interested, the giveaway for the device is currently ongoing, and it will wrap up on June 11 at 7AM UTC. You can enter this giveaway from the link down below as well, and in order to do that, you will be asked to follow UMIDIGI on various social networks, YouTube, and so on. UMIDIGI had introduced the UMIDIGI Z2 and Z2 Pro quite recently, actually, and those two phones actually look the same in terms of the design, but the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro is a more powerful phone. Both devices are made out of metal and glass, and both of them sport a display notch. Two cameras are included on both smartphones, and the same goes for a rear-facing fingerprint scanner.

Each of the devices feature a 6.2-inch fullHD+ display, while they are fueled by different SoCs. The UMIDIGI Z2 is fueled by the Helio P23, while the Z2 Pro comes with the Helio P60 processor. The UMIDIGI Z2 Pro supports wireless charging, while the same cannot be said for the UMIDIGI Z2, despite the fact it sports a glass back. A 3,550mAh battery is included in the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro, while a 3,650mAh unit comes with the UMIDIGI Z2. Android 8.1 Oreo comes pre-installed on both phones, while you will find 16 and 8-megapixel cameras on both the front and back sides of both the UMIDIGI Z2 and Z2 Pro.


The UMIDIGI Z2 presale & Z2 Pro giveaway