Top 10 Best Android Auto Apps – Streaming Media – May 2018


Android Auto is now available to just about any smartphone out there, and there are more and more apps coming out that support Android Auto. That includes streaming apps for streaming music, podcasts, audiobooks and so much more. Now, you don't need to have an after-market head unit in your car, or have Android Auto built-in to use the service. Google has made the app work on your device, so you can simply open up the Android Auto app on your phone and you can get the same experience. There are a ton of great streaming media apps that work with Android Auto, and many of them are newer, so here's the top 10 best.



This is a new podcasting app, that allows you to catch all of your podcasts in one place. So you can listen to them while you're driving to work and such. Now Anchor is a bit different from PocketCasts and other podcast apps out there because it allows you to record your own podcasts right there in the app. So that virtually anyone can start their own podcast and get it out there for everyone to hear.

Spotify Music


Spotify is a pretty popular music streaming app, which you can also use with Android Auto. Since it is compatible with Android Auto, it makes it easier to stream music while you're driving and skip to the next song as well, without needing to take your hands off of the steering wheel or your eyes off of the road. Spotify has a slew of different radio stations and playlists available, so you can always find some good music to listen to while out on the road.



Audible is the king of audiobooks, with thousands of them available and it also has its own subscription service so that you can pick up a couple of new audiobooks each month. Of course, if you don't have a subscription, you can sign up for a free trial here. With Audible for Android Auto, you have the ability to go ahead and stream your current audiobook through the speakers of your car while you're stuck in traffic in the morning or the afternoon.



Stitcher is another popular podcast app that is also compatible with Android Auto. Virtually every podcast is available on Stitcher, so you can download or stream the latest episode of your favorite podcast right in your car while you're driving. Now if you have a limited data plan, it'll be a good idea to download some podcast episodes before you leave.

Pandora Music


Pandora is also available on Android Auto, so if you're a big Pandora fan, or just want some free music to stream while you're driving, Pandora has you covered. Pandora is available for free, which has ads and a limited number of skips per hour, but you can also upgrade to Pandora Premium and get rid of those ads and skip as much as you'd like. Pandora is a great companion to have in the car while you're out driving.

YouTube Music


YouTube Music just recently got a pretty big overhaul, but it does still support Android Auto. So you can use YouTube Music to play some tunes while you're driving. Now you don't have the ability to watch music videos while you're driving, and that's because you should be paying attention to the road. But you can listen to a slew of playlists and even radio stations while you're driving.

Pocket Casts


Pocket Casts is another very popular podcasting app that is available on Android Auto – in fact it is available on just about every Google platform including Wear OS, and Android TV. Pocket Casts is a great podcast catcher because you can catch all of your podcasts here, as well as find new ones through its discovery feature. And you can also download podcast episodes to listen to later on.


iHeartRadio is another music streaming app available for Android Auto, but it also works as a way to stream your favorite radio stations. Perhaps you have moved and miss listening to your local radio stations from your hometown, chances are they are part of the iHeartRadio app – as the parent company, iHeartMedia owns about half of the country's radio stations. And this is all done over your data connection, which is pretty neat.

Amazon Music

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you should be taking advantage of Amazon Music, since it is included in your membership. And the best part is, it's compatible with Android Auto. So you can listen to your favorite tunes in the car while you're driving. Amazon Music does also work with Amazon Alexa for when you aren't in the car, though the Alexa plan is $3.99, and there are other plans that are available without ads as well. You can sign up for a free trial here.

MLB At Bat

Can't watch the game? Well with MLB At Bat, you can listen to the game while you're driving. Now this is particularly useful if you are in a city where your team is not from, as their game is likely not on the radio station. This way you can still listen to what's going on with your team while you're out – perhaps on vacation this summer. This feature is part of the free version of MLB At Bat as well, which makes it a great app to check out.