Top 10 Best Android Apps — Travel — May 2018

Top 10 Best Android Travel Apps AH

Summer is drawing near, you may have already scheduled your vacation or you’re about to do so, but one thing is certain – you’re planning on doing some traveling soon. Maybe you’ll be going on a four-hour drive to a nearby state or jump on an airplane and cross the entire planet; regardless of your aspirations, mobile apps can help make the most of any trip. With that in mind, below you’ll find the list of the top ten best Android apps for traveling and travelers that can currently be downloaded from the Google Play Store, listed in no particular order.

Google Trips


If you want to play it safe and generally avoid installing apps from developers who aren’t established technology powerhouses, Google Trips is the first mobile tool to download after you start planning your next great vacation. It’s an organizer, booking service, travel guide, and planner bundled into one sleek-looking package, with the majority of its abilities being powered by artificial intelligence technologies and native support for Gmail that will allow it to automatically pull your travel details from your inbox and place them into a more intuitive interface.



PackPoint is a brilliant, one-of-a-kind app that will assist you in packing your belongings for a broad range of trips, much like its name implies. Just tell it where you’re going and what you’re planning to do and it will generate a list of recommended items to take with you on your travels, with its suggestions being based on the climate of the location you’re visiting, the purpose of your trip, weather forecast, and any activities you’ve planned.



TripAdvisor is the only truly comprehensive Google Trips rival, having been designed as an all-in-one app that will cover everything from planning and organizing a vacation to the actual process of traveling to and exploring new locales. Being used by tens of millions of travelers all over the world, this app also ships with the largest database of tourist experiences in the world, thus being a perfect tool for all of your vacation needs, especially if hunting discounts is something you usually do.



Airbnb disrupted the hospitality industry in such a manner that legislators around the world are now drafting new laws just to account for an entirely new type of businesses spawned with the rise of this extremely intuitive booking app. If you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your accommodations and are interested in exploring a broad range of different lodgings spanning various sizes and styles, Airbnb is the ultimate tool for doing so before booking the room, house, or apartment of your dreams.



You can easily replace Uber with Lyft or another such service on this list, but the point is that the ride-hailing industry is a segment that can greatly benefit you on your travels, especially once you’re in a foreign city and are worried local taxi operators will charge you “tourist tax.” Being able to hail a ride in a matter of seconds regardless of where you’re located or going at an affordable price is an invaluable tool to have in your mobile arsenal and something you’ll certainly be able to appreciate while traveling.



Enjoying yourself is important, especially so during vacations, but doing so is possible without spending every last penny from your account. If money management is an issue or you simply want to make sure that you’re maximally prepared for that trip around the world you’re about to take, install Wallet and witness how a simple Android app can both help you track expenses and teach you more about being responsible with your cash in general.



Sun is both your best friend and worst enemy when it comes to summer vacations so while tanning is definitely on the table, make sure you’re adequately protected unless you want to spend half of your trip treating sunburns. QSun can help manage your exposure to the brightest star in the sky so that you return from your vacation with some color in your face and no health issues to worry about.

Fuel Buddy

If you prefer to travel in your own car, fuel management will be an important part of your vacation experience, which is where Fuel Buddy comes into play, providing you with a comprehensive set of tools, stats, and a reminder system that will allow you to travel at a maximally efficient rate. Besides fuel, you can use this Android app to keep track of oil changes, save receipts, and sync your data across multiple devices.

Culture Trip

Once you’ve arrived at your destination of choice, you may be interested in exploring local culture, discovering historic monuments, unique landmarks, and learning more about the city you’re visiting from the perspective of some eloquent locals. Culture Trip is an unconventional travel app that’s part-guide and part-media, with some booking services being part of the package as well. If you’re looking for something entirely different and are bored with traditional mobile trip advisors, this is the Android app to check out.


If you want to discover the wonders of local cuisine and do so at an affordable price, OpenTable is the first app you should consult on your travels. Not only will you be able to locate restaurants and other such establishments in your vicinity that suit your tastes and needs but this convenient Android tool will also allow you to instantly book a table, take advantage of any applicable promotions, and earn points that you will be able to redeem toward extra meal discounts in the future. Best of all, OpenTable is fully travel-ready and can be used for booking restaurants weeks in advance from across the world in a matter of seconds.