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The NHL Conference Finals are currently ongoing and with the Golden Knights taking on the Jets once again tomorrow, now is a good time to fully immerse yourself in the popular sport. Being a tech-savvy hockey fan that you are, what better way to do so than installing some great mobile apps? With that in mind, below you'll find the list of the best NHL and hockey Android apps that can currently be downloaded from the Google Play Store.



If you're an NHL fan, chances are you already have the league's official Android app installed on your smartphone but just in case you have somehow missed it so far, now is the time to install it, especially if you're an NHL TV subscriber. Besides live streams, the official NHL app allows you to review footage of past games, switch between home and away feeds on the go, and stay up to date with the latest official news from the world's most popular hockey league.

NHL SuperCard 2K18


NHL SuperCard 2K18 is arguably the best Android hockey game that doesn't actually have you playing hockey. Instead, 2K opted to use its NHL license as a basis for making a collectible card game, having ended up with one of the most popular such titles on the Google Play Store. If you're looking for an interactive NHL experience that's suitable for playing on the go or are a CCG fan in general, this mobile game is certainly worth giving a go.

NHL Wallpaper HD


Not much needs to be said about this offering save for the fact that it's arguably the most comprehensive app sources of NHL-themed wallpapers. If you're interested in giving your smartphone a little extra oomph during this season's Conference Finals, NHL Wallpaper HD will deliver a nearly endless list of high-quality images to choose from and its database is also full of imagery compatible with today's elongated displays, including Samsung's 18.5:9 panels, as well as more conventional 18:9 (2:1) screens.

Ice Rage: Hockey


Ice Rage: Hockey is an excellent live action game that's been entertaining more than two million players for months now, having broken through the Google Play Store to claim the title of the most popular Android sports game in over 70 countries so far. If you're interested in finding out what all the buzz is about and are interested in a high-quality single-player experience, this HeroCraft-developed mobile title is definitely worth a shot. Better yet, Ice Rage: Hockey is the only game that will allow you to hurl pucks against your buddy on a single device, boasting a polished local multiplayer mode.

Hockey NHL Live Scores, Stats, & Schedules


The self-explanatory name of this Android app tells you nearly everything you need to know about it, though one particular thing worth pointing out is that this isn't your run-of-the-mill sports stats service full of cluttered screens and outdated menus. While just as comprehensive as anything else on the Google Play Store, Hockey NHL Live Scores, Stats, & Schedules features a clean interface that's easy to navigate and doesn't wear out your eyes while you're trying to make sense of it, which is more than most of its rivals can say.

Sports Alerts – NHL Edition


If you're looking for an even more streamlined tool for basic NHL scores and stats, this Luno Software-made Android app will provide you with everything you need to stay in the loop about every major development related to the league. All of its alerts are also easily configurable, providing you with a highly customized notification experience and a versatile widget that every NHL fan will surely appreciate.

Stickman Ice Hockey


Stickman Ice Hockey is one of the less serious hockey games available on Android devices but it's also among the most entertaining ones, especially if you're looking for a fast-paced, action-packed experience. Besides a broad range of gameplay modes, control schemes, and mechanics, Stickman Ice Hockey also offers close to 50 national and international teams with detailed statistics, physical controller support, and smooth performance at 60 frames per second.

Trade Rumors

Transfer rumors are part of every even remotely popular sport and hockey is no exception to that rule, so if you're an avid fan looking to stay on top of the latest talk regarding trades, this particular app will provide you with such updates from the world's most trusted source. In addition to hockey, Trade Rumors also covers NBA, NFL, and MLS, thus being the go-to transfer rumor app for American sports.

Hockey Logo Challenge

Hockey Logo Challenge is an entertaining trivia game for all hockey fans that will test your basic knowledge of the NHL, a handful of lower leagues, and even the international KHL. Regardless of whether you're looking to compete with friends or want to find out how much you know about hockey on your own, this particular game is an excellent choice that comes from WSCDFD, a studio that established itself as one of the leading Android developers in the trivia space.

Hockey Nations 18

The Hockey Nations franchise is back once again, this time packed with even more challenges, rivalries, curious mechanics, and impressive graphics. Naturally, this isn't an NHL-specific game but one with a more international focus, though most NHL fans are likely to consider it a must-play title, especially seeing how studio Distinctive delivered its most comprehensive gaming package to date, boasting everything from live games and play-offs to Winter Games and even a brand-new outdoor series.

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