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Mother's Day is right around the corner and you have less than a week to come up with a way to commemorate the occasion, provided you haven't already. Regardless of whether you're on top of things or are only now trying to come up with an idea for reminding your mother how great she is, the Google Play Store has a lot of assistance to offer. With that in mind, below you'll find the list of the top ten best Mother's Day Android apps that will help you make May 13 that much more special.

justWink Greeting Cards


Sending a greeting card to your mom is pretty much a no-brainer, especially a digital one, which is where justWink comes into play, being arguably the most powerful Android creation tool in the segment. With dozens of customization options and countless possible combinations of visual elements, justWink will allow you to come up with a highly personalized greeting card that will remind your mom how awesome she is.



If you want to treat your mother to a nice dinner this Sunday, OpenTable is the tool for identifying the perfect restaurant for the occasion. Its vast eatery database will not only allow you to find nearby dining locations in every price bracket but will even let you know if certain restaurants are running any kind of Mother's Day promotions.



An alternative to taking your mom out for a dinner is preparing one such special meal yourself, with Yummly being able to provide you with all the knowledge you need for doing so, regardless of your mother's favorite food and your cooking skill level. This Android app even allows you to filter through recipe results based on extra factors such as vegan, gluten-free, paleo, and kosher food, so you're sure to be able to find something that your mom will love if you're willing to do some cooking.



TinySurprise deals in all kinds of gifts, many of which aren't tiny at all, with the service allowing you to buy and send items such as paintings and large flower arrangements. If you're going the conventional route and want to celebrate Mother's Day by gifting your mom, this Android app will provide you with everything you need to do so.



Outside of traditional gifts, your mom may also enjoy a unique handcrafted item or a rare vintage offering, with Etsy being one of the world's largest digital shops for such goods. With close to 30 million active members and a wide variety of artists and collectors selling their merchandise through the service, Etsy is a unique storefront that promises to be the ultimate online storefront for buying gifts that their recipients will remember for a long time.

DIY Ideas


The only thing that's better than buying a handcrafted item is hand-crafting one yourself, and while doing so may not necessarily be easy, the DIY Ideas Android app will certainly make things less taxing if you're willing to commit to any such project. Regardless of whether you want to create a unique cup, piece of clothing, jewelry, or something else entirely, this mobile service will outline everything you need to let your mom know she's appreciated in that regard.

Google Photos


Google Photos is arguably the world's best Android gallery app by virtue of the fact it ships with a wide variety of extra features, many of which are powered by artificial intelligence technologies. Among other things, this mobile tool can help you create music-enhanced video slideshows for various occasions, including Mother's Day, and is hence certainly worth checking out.


1800Flowers is touted by many as the best online flower delivery service on the planet and as it's now available in nearly 200 countries, it's also the ultimate tool for ordering Mother's Day-appropriate bouquets and other kinds of flower arrangements. While you could always rely on the 1800Flowers website, installing the company's Android app will provide you with even more convenience while browsing and ordering the perfect flowers for your mom.

Family Photo Frame

Family Photo Frame is an Android app with a self-explanatory name that's a great mobile tool for making Mother's Day that much more special, being capable of delivering a broad range of highly customized results that your mom is sure to cherish. The service supports high-resolution imagery, multiple image formats (aspect ratios), and a wide variety of designs ranging from minimalist to heavily stylized aesthetics, thus being one of the best solutions for creating digital family photos of any kind that are presently available for download from the Google Play Store.

Furious Mom

Nothing will make your mom feel like a hero or remind you that she indeed is one than controlling her virtual counterpart while she's serving justice throughout the neighborhood with her fists. Alright, there may be a few things that are more suitable but if your mother has a sense of humor, she will surely enjoy playing Tapinator's Furious Mom, one of the more memorable mobile games that recently hit the Google Play Store.

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