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Top European leagues are about to be concluded, national cup finals will soon be played, and Real Madrid will be gunning for a historic achievement of defending its Champions League title for the second time in a row on May 26, this time against Liverpool. Coupled with the fact that the latest iteration of the FIFA World Cup is starting next month and will be running through mid-July, it's an understatement to call this a great footballing year for fans given how we'll have very little downtime between seasons. With that state of affairs in mind, why not enhance your experience of following the world's most popular sport with some excellent apps? That's precisely what this list is meant to help you accomplish, as below you'll find the top ten best football/soccer Android apps that can currently be downloaded from the Google Play Store.



With the World Cup being scheduled to begin in less than six weeks, what better place to start making your smartphone more football-infused than the official FIFA app for Android devices? This particular service ships with a mix of news, highlights, and exclusive footage that will help enrich your World Cup experience and keep you up to date with the latest in the world of football.

FotMob – Soccer Scores Live


FotMob is a relatively straightforward app but its execution is impeccable and you'll hardly find a more consistent tool for quickly checking out football scores. Regardless of whether you're a betting man (if that's even allowed in your country) or simply like to stay on top of every league out there, FotMob will help you do precisely that without overleveraging your phone's battery or being a drain on its hardware resources in any other manner.

Premier League – Official App


This Premier League season is coming to an end but with the advent of the video assistant referee (VAR), Chelsea still looking for a temporary stadium, Arsenal being on the hunt for a new manager after over two decades, and everything else that's presently going on, it's certainly going to be an interesting summer for fans of English football and there will be plenty of Premier League-centric news to follow in the coming months. If you're interested in following such stories and also want to hear directly from the FA on an occasion, the official Premier League app for Android is a mobile service that you can't pass up on.

Football Data


Football statistics surely are useful for betting but many of them are also interesting for fans of the sport, regardless of whether they're planning on undertaking any trivia quizzes in the near future or simply want to know more about their favorite player, team, and sport. Football Data is one of the most comprehensive football statistics databases available on Android devices and is hence definitely worth checking out if you want to know how many years did Mourinho went unbeaten at home, who's the current record holder for most La Liga goals scored in a single season, and who has recently been surpassing their expected goals coefficient.

Football Transfers & Rumors


You can't have football without transfer rumors and with the summer window soon being set to open, you just know we'll be overwhelmed with countless stories about Martial going abroad, Hazard being sighted eating ice cream near Santiago Bernabéu, and Ronaldo pushing for a fatter contract while threatening a move to Sunderland. Okay, maybe that last rumor won't happen but there's no doubt we'll get a wide variety of dubious claims, so an app like Football Transfers & Rumors certainly has a lot of value, being designed to filter through such stories and only present you with an always up-to-date feed of the latest transfer updates coming from sources with an established track record.

Football Manager Mobile 2018


The only thing more addictive than following football is playing Football Manager, and its latest mobile variant is by far the most polished one yet, featuring massive databases, in-depth tactical options, and most realistic player interactions yet. If you also own the PC version of Football Manager 2018 and a relatively powerful Android smartphone or tablet, you may instead do better to pick up Football Manager Touch 2018 which is similar to its more streamlined version but ships with a 3D engine and support for cross-platform play.

Troll Ball – Football Memes


Memes are an integral part of the modern Internet era and there's plenty of them circulating in football these days, so if you're looking to check out the latest boring Milner, "Happy New Year" Pep, or "I have nussing to say" Mourinho posts, Troll Ball is a good way to do so, despite its name being somewhat cringey.

Soccer Tactic Board

Soccer Tactic Board is an extremely simple app but one that's incredibly intuitive, has a self-explanatory name, and works as advertised. Regardless of whether you're a coach looking to visualize a concept for your players, a football aficionado discussing tactics on an online forum, or simply enjoy drafting strategies in your free time, you should definitely give this Android app a go.

Soccer Training

While no app or a collection of such software can replace an actual coach, Fitivity's Soccer Training is a pretty useful tool for creating a custom workout routine if you're looking to return to playing footie after a period of inactivity, are recovering from an injury and are looking for some light exercises, or are simply looking to train harder on your own, outside of your regular sessions. The app boasts intelligent scheduling capabilities, is well-designed, works reliably, and is generally a joy to use.

FIFA Soccer

We'll be ending this list with the currently most popular football mobile game on the planet – FIFA Soccer. If you never understood why everyone is raving about Ultimate Team, this is the perfect opportunity to try out the iconic game mode or any other component of one of EA's most successful franchises ever, with FIFA Soccer recently receiving a major content update. Naturally, with this being a fully licensed product, FIFA Soccer's player rosters are always up-to-date.

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