Top 10 Best Android Apps — FIFA World Cup — June 2018


The four-year wait is almost over and the new FIFA World Cup is now nearly here, with 32 national teams being set to compete for the most prestigious football/soccer title of them all – that of a world champion. Running from June 14 through July 15, the new iteration of the most popular competition in all of sports promises to be packed with drama, being arguably the last chance for this Argentina generation, a historic opportunity for the incredible German team to grab back-to-back titles, and a major occasion for Brazil to redeem itself. Of course, finding out what bizarre way to fail England will manage to find over the course of this tournament is bound to be entertaining as well. With that in mind, below you'll find the list of the top ten best Android apps that should enhance your FIFA World Cup experience by a significant degree, regardless of whether you're traveling to Russia or are planning on following the competition from the comfort of your living room, local bar, or any other location equipped with a TV or streaming equipment.



What better place to start a list of top FIFA World Cup-related Android apps than with FIFA's own offering? Regardless of your thoughts on the polarizing sports organization, its official app is certainly a unique mobile proposition by virtue of the fact that it comes with a broad range of exclusive stories that all other third-party outlets end up picking up so if it's World Cup 2018 news you're interested in, you might as well go straight to the source.

World Cup 2018 App – Yeah – Soccer


The youngest entry on this list is a comprehensive Android package delivering everything from scores and news to team overviews, fixture lists, stadium maps, and tournament trivia. If you're looking for a good entry point into World Cup football, this Klinnerds Apps-developed Android service is one of the best recommendations we can give you.

Football Manager Mobile 2018


Calling Football Manager games addictive is like saying Android enjoyed some success over the years; sure, that's true but it's also a massive understatement, and if you want to find out why Sports Interactive's long-running franchise received so many iterations and still touts one of the most loyal fan bases in the history of the video game industry, all you have to do is download Football Manager Mobile 2018. In case you're also a PC gamer and have a compatible Android smartphone, you may be better of with Football Manager Touch 2018 which is basically the same thing but with a 3D engine, a few more tactical options, and cross-platform play support.

World Cup App 2018 – Live Scores & Fixtures


Much like its name suggests, this is a straightforward app for people who want to stay up to date with the most important sports tournament of them all but aren't interested in anything else and will probably be uninstalling the Android tool in question as soon as the final is played. If you found your humble self in that description, definitely give the World Cup App 2018 a try.

FIFA Soccer


If playing the most popular football/soccer mobile game on the planet and finding out how it got to enjoy that title sounds like it's up your alley, EA Sports' FIFA Soccer certainly won't disappoint, especially once those summer transfers start kicking in and allow you to do more cool stuff with your Ultimate Team chemistry. While FIFA Soccer is certainly not a football game for everyone, it's varied enough to at least deserve being tried out in case you never player it before.



Those of you that were lucky enough to get some tickets and witness the FIFA World Cup 2018 in person are certainly in for a treat but as getting around in a foreign country can be a challenge, learning some Russian in advance should go a long way toward ensuring your experience in the country is as best as it can be. That's where Duolingo comes into play, being by far the most comprehensive and accessible app for language learning, with its Russian courses boasting critical acclaim and praise from users the world over.



If you're interested in live World Cup 2018 scores but also want to stay on top of the latest news related to the sport, OneFootball is an excellent mobile tool that will provide you with everything you need, delivering a wide variety of information directly to the screen of your Android device of choice. This particular app is polished, versatile, intuitive, and extremely gentle with your battery life, so certainly give it a go if you think more traditional live scores services are too barebones.

RT News

Russia Today is far from the only English news source focused on the transcontinental country and it may not be your cup of tea given its ties to Moscow and the bias stemming from it but consider this particular entry on the list a placeholder if you're traveling to see the latest iteration of the FIFA World Cup in person; as is always the case when traveling abroad, being in touch with local news is never a bad idea and will provide you with some easy conversation starters regardless of where your adventure takes you.

Football Quiz

Football Quiz is a self-explanatory name of a straightforward Android app that will both test and bolster your knowledge of the most important pastime in the world. Regardless of whether you're interested in challenging yourself on your own or going against friends and family, this amusing game will easily provide you with hours of entartainment.

Forza Football

Forza Football is possibly the most popular app related to the sport that isn't created by or affiliated with a major football/soccer organization. It's an extremely feature-rich package that allows you to follow all international tournaments — FIFA World Cup 2018 included — and more than 420 leagues from all parts of the globe, so if you're looking for a single Android app to cater to all of your football needs, this self-titled app is by far the best recommendation we can give.

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