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The mobile industry benefited from some massive advancements in recent years but an overloaded cache is still more than capable of slowing down your device even with today's automated protections and management systems meant to keep such storage in check. If all else fails and you're forced to manually manage your cache or want to preemptively add some more precautionary measures to Android's existing mechanisms, there's plenty of mobile apps that will allow you to do just that. With that in mind, below you'll find the list of the top ten best cache cleaners that can currently be downloaded from the Google Play Store.



CCLeaner's name is almost synonymous with the concept of mobile cache cleaners nowadays, which is a testament to both its quality and longevity. This regularly updated app isn't flashy and doesn't boast hundreds of (arguably unnecessary) features like some of its rivals do but it gets the job done and does so in a swift manner. If cleaning your cache as quickly as possible is the only thing you require from your Android system optimizer of choice, CCLeaner is likely the best choice for your needs.

Avast Cleanup & Boost


Avast Cleanup & Boost is a slightly more versatile option that also comes from an established technology company and promises to make your Android smartphone or tablet run faster in no time. The app is also capable of targeting junk files, whereas its premium version comes with several extremely useful functionalities, including an image optimizer that will make the most of your local storage without visibly degrading the quality of your photo library.

Clean Master


Clean Master was designed as a nuclear option for virtually any type of files that may have found the way to the flash memory of your device, though it also comes with a number of targeting mechanisms and a broad range of features that will allow you to do anything from hiding photos to encrypting your files. Anyone on the lookout for a highly comprehensive set of tools for optimizing Android performance would certainly do well to take Clean Master for a spin.

Turbo Cleaner


Thorough cache cleaning doesn't have to take ages, especially given how responsive flash memory has gotten by now, with Turbo Cleaner driving that point home thanks to its efficiently programmed tools meant to speed up your device in just a few taps. As an added bonus, this particular service also ships with a basic antivirus system, CPU cooler, and a battery saver, with the idea being to have users covered on multiple performance fronts without requiring them to download half a dozen Android apps.

Super Cleaner


Super Cleaner is another system app that does a lot more than just checking and lowering the weight of your device cache, with this particular solution also coming with a built-in tool solely dedicated to improving the gaming performance of any compatible smartphone or tablet. App locking is also part of the package, as are a number of services designed to empty your cache and junk folders, with all of Super Cleaner's functionalities being free and the tool itself using an ad-based business model.

Power Clean


Power Clean isn't any more or less capable than the vast majority of other Android apps on this list but its unique selling point is that it's extremely stylish and enjoyable to use, with its polished interface being designed in an extremely careful manner so as to guarantee intuitiveness. The service also comes with some antivirus features and a surprisingly versatile app manager that's almost as capable as standalone mobile solutions in that software category, so it's certainly worth a look.

1Tap Cleaner


While its somewhat outdated design would probably never have you think that, 1Tap Cleaner is a regularly updated app compatible with virtually every contemporary Android handset or tablet. Just like its name says, the main selling point of this particular offering is its straightforward nature – open it, tap the screen once to have your cache emptied, and go on with your day. Deleting text messages, contents of your SD card, and your Internet browsing history is just as simple, so this is certainly an excellent choice for anyone interested in a no-nonsense solution.

Cache Cleaner

Cache Cleaner is another straightforward mobile app for emptying any unnecessary files your phone might have accumulated over time, boasting support for 18:9 and taller displays that are now becoming prevalent on the smartphone market, as well as support for cache-cleaning reminders. It doesn't do much more but that basic nature is also what allows it to be extremely lightweight, with its creators managing to deliver a capable Android tool that's under 3MB in size.

Cache Cleaner Pro

No, this isn't the premium variant of the app listed above, though it is the only Android tool on this list that comes with a traditional price tag, or at least the version recommended here does. If you're trying to avoid mobile ads at all costs and are willing to support quality development, Cache Cleaner Pro is the way to go, or at least the way to consider going seeing how it offers an extremely streamlined and intuitive user interface, versatile capabilities, and zero promotional content.

Norton Clean, Junk Removal

The final entry on this list is another solution form a well-known technology company that's much more than just a cache cleaner, boasting the ability to eliminate junk files, remove sideloaded APKs, optimize device memory, identify bloatware, and deliver periodic suggestions for uninstalling apps you rarely use. If you're looking for a full-fledged alternative to the system optimizer that came pre-installed on your device, you'll hardly find a better like-for-like replacement than the curiously named Norton Clean, Junk Removal.

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