Sprint Employee Memo Leaks With Talking Points Regarding T-Mobile Merger

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Sprint and T-Mobile announced their merger this past Sunday and filed it with the SEC on Monday. Now it turns out that Sprint is beginning to train its employees on what to say regarding the merger. A memo has leaked out, courtesy of XDA-Developers, that shows the talking points that Sprint wants its customers to focus on. According to the document, Sprint employees are supposed to say that the company is very excited that the two companies have agreed to merge. And add that “this is terrific news for customers.” As well as assuring customers that the new T-Mobile will have “a faster, more reliable network at lower prices and with better value.” Which is basically what Sprint and T-Mobile said on Sunday and on Monday during their press tour with different news sites and TV networks.

The document really iterates that nothing is changing for now, and that is likely the biggest question that customers are going to have. Just browsing social media, you can see a lot of customers are wondering what will happen to their Sprint or T-Mobile service, but where the deal isn’t completed yet, nothing is happening just yet. According to another source that XDA has cited, the deal is set to be completed in June 2019. That’s pretty similar to the timeline both companies gave when announcing the deal – which was actually the first half of 2019.



It is definitely important for Sprint to begin training its employees on what to say to customers regarding this merger, as there are bound to be a ton of questions regarding the merger in the coming weeks and months. T-Mobile is likely also training its employees on what to say about the merger – and many of the talking points are likely very similar if not exactly the same. Though T-Mobile’s memo has not leaked just yet. The two companies believe that merging together, they’ll be able to provide the best 5G network in the US, and also be able to better compete with AT&T and Verizon, both of which are more than twice the size of T-Mobile, and almost three times the size of Sprint.