Sony's Digital Paper Lineup Gets A 10.3-Inch Model


Sony has now revealed a brand new 10-inch model to its E Ink-driven Digital Paper lineup of devices. That means those who are looking for a document viewing and editing solution can now get all of the features found in its previous model but in a more portable form factor. Moreover, the cost has been dropped by around $100 to match the size reduction, with the previous version measuring in at 13.3-inches. Even though both models are 5.842mm thick, the new model also cuts weight down to 8.5 ounces from 12.3 ounces. So it should be much easier to use under nearly any circumstance. Going further still, the company also announced a plethora of new features to go along with its new device launch. Each of those will be included on the 13-inch version as well.

Priced at just $599.99, the new 10-inch Sony Digital Paper – sold under model number DP1-CP1 – works exactly like its older brother. Thanks to the included stylus, that means reading and annotating documents, as well as note-taking, sketching, and transferring documents via Wi-Fi. The use of E Ink means that experience is also glare-free in outdoors settings or under bright lights. It also means that the usable 11GB of storage goes much further than on other devices and its battery can be advertised to last as much as three weeks with connectivity turned off. Popular features such as the inclusion of autosaving functionality for changes, which are later searchable, and converting web pages to PDF for use with Digital Paper remain intact. A pre-sale is already underway for the new device and it is set to start shipping in June.

However, the company will be launching a new smartphone companion app in June to further improve their experience with the technology. That will allow for easier transfers of the document types, forms, and notes compatible with the device. Additional feature enhancements are being released too, although no time frame has been given for those. Among those new features, users will be able to put their Digital Paper screen through to a projector or display via a connection with a computer. That will show the device's screen in real-time, including any interactions with the screen. Support for interactive PDFs and Smart Forms is being added, on top of that, as are page search features, pan and zoom functionality, and automatic page rotation. Users will also be able to view multi-page documents in a thumbnail format for easier navigation.


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