Sonos Announces 13 New Speaker Bundles, Starting At $379

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Sonos announced today, a slew of new speaker bundles to help customers get started in adding Sonos to their home audio system. These bundles include Sonos One speakers, PLAY:5, PlayBar, PlayBase, Sub and Turntables, so you can really create a great system for your home, no matter the size. The purpose of these bundles are to give customers a discount by buying multiple speakers together instead of separately. For example, you can get two Sonos One speakers for $379. These run for $199 each normally, so that’s good for around $20 off of its regular price. You can get three Sonos One for $549 and four for $729, which are slightly larger discounts (though the percentage is smaller).

Any bundle with the Sonos One is a great idea, since it does have Alexa built-in, so you can effectively control your whole home’s audio with Alexa using your voice. Sonos also has two Sonos One speakers paired with the PlayBar or PlayBase for $999. You can also pick up two PLAY:5 speakers for $899. The PLAY:5 are slightly larger than the Sonos One, closer to the Google Home Max size, and it’s definitely a great option for using in your entertainment center. Sonos does have a few bundles available for the home theater. You can pick up the PlayBar or PlayBase with a Sub for $1299, or add on two Sonos One speakers for $1649. The Sonos One speakers can be grouped with the PlayBar or PlayBase and make for a really good sounding, surround sound system. Finally, Sonos has a couple of Vinyl sets here, which include a PLAY:5 and Turntable for $799, two PLAY:5’s and a Turntable for $1249, and finally two PLAY:5’s, a Sub and a Turntable for $1899.

These new bundles are available on Sonos’ website right now, along with the various other bundles that Sonos already offers. These bundles make it easier for you to get started with a multi-room audio system. Remember that all of Sonos’ products can be grouped together and have the same thing playing on every speaker in your home. To do so, you just need to download the Sonos app, which is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

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