Reported Wages At Tech Companies Aren't Always As Expected

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Publicly traded companies are now required by law to show the median pay for employees and that of the CEO in public filings, allowing some comparison for how well the companies pay. That’s exactly what recent reports have begun to do, although it’s worth pointing out that this isn’t necessarily a great way to gauge whether or not employees are paid a fair compensation. Although some of the figures are entirely unsurprising, several of the top tech companies have extended well beyond what most would consider being technology jobs. As a result of those smaller less well-paying jobs, the median income of those companies is significantly lower than might be assumed. Meanwhile, other companies don’t pay the CEO much of a wage at all for a variety of reasons. So the pay rates at some of the biggest or most prominent companies may not be as might be expected.

Starting things off with Google’s parent company, Alphabet – which is now headed by once Google CEO Larry Page – the median compensation for employees is around $197,274 per year. That’s as of April 27. Larry Page, meanwhile, brings home just $1 per year for his contributions to the company. By comparison, Amazon’s median pay rate fell in at around $28,446 per year as of April 18, while CEO Jeff Bezos nets an annual salary set at $1,681,840 from Amazon. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as per the company’s April 13 filing, brings in around $8,852,366. It’s been noted that a substantial portion of that is derived from company expenditures on Zuckerberg, with his base salary being set at just $1. Meanwhile, the average employee takes home around $240,430 in compensation. For the sake of comparison, Telsa currently pays CEO Elon Musk at $49,920 per year compared to the median wage at $54,816.

With that said, there are more technology companies currently operating than it would be feasible to compare here. Moreover, there are far more factors to consider than what is represented by those figures. So, as already mentioned, what is being reported just isn’t detailed enough to make a real comparison for any kind of argument. But it can be interesting to see that some tech CEOs are actually making far less than the median wage of employees.