Report: Lyft Is Closing The Gap With Uber In The US


According to a recent report from analysts at SimilarWeb, the U.S. market gap between Lyft and Uber is shrinking. The latest figures put Lyft in a good position going forward and, in terms of active app users, actually put it ahead by a substantial margin. However, it's worth pointing out first that the data used in the analysis was pulled solely from Android user data. So there may be some wiggle room for Uber if iOS users were taken into account. With that said, over the past 18-months, from November 2016 through April 2018, the number of those devices with Lyft installed has more than doubled. What's more, although Uber is installed on as many as four times the number of devices as Lyft, users are more than twice as likely to open Lyft. On any given day, more than 5-percent of those with Lyft installed will open the app, compared to 2-percent of Uber installs.

In the shortest possible terms, that means that Lyft controls nearly 40-percent of daily usage when considering only the Uber and Lyft portion of the market. Perhaps making matters worse for Uber, Lyft appears to be holding more firmly onto users between the ages of 18 and 34. Uber's demographic tends to be older, which gives Lyft an advantage with newer users, for now. In terms of actual installs, meanwhile, Uber still holds a commanding lead but Lyft is gaining. More directly, Uber held around 26.8-percent of the overall ride-sharing market for app installs in April. That number is by around 2.2-percent up from 18-months ago but its numbers have been a veritable rollercoaster over that period, including sharp drops between February and July of 2017. By comparison, Lyft's numbers have predominantly climbed steadily, rising at a slower rate by around 4-percent over the same period.

That continual upward trend shows through on both daily active users and current install rates. Moreover, although there have been subsequent dips in Lyft's figures alongside Uber's, Lyft's declines appear to have been milder. Of course, Lyfts active app users numbers have been on the decline since February of this year, as well. It's probably a good idea to take the news with a grain of salt. Having said that, there's also a good possibility that Lyft will eventually overtake Uber across the board but Uber has also been working to pull itself back from all of the controversies over the past few years. So nothing is certain at this juncture.


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