'Panda' Google Pixel 2 XL Gets Clear Mod Treatment On Video

Google's Pixel 2 XL has a fairly unique exterior design defined by the color contrast exhibited by its back panel, but for owners who might want to stand out more, YouTuber JerryRigEverything prepared a new video demonstrating how the upper back panel can be converted into clear glass, exposing the internal components underneath. As usual, modding the device involves a heat gun, prying tools, and a lot of patience, and as expected, the process will void the smartphone’s warranty.

The black-and-white Pixel 2 XL earned the nickname ‘Panda’ specifically due to this particular color combination, with the metal casing bearing the color white and the upper glass panel being painted in black. Now, although applying a different color to the metal part of the exterior might not be an easy option, modding the upper glass panel to make it clear is a different endeavor and can be done in a similar manner as with the OnePlus 6. The glass panel can be removed using a heat gun and prying tools, and because it doesn’t cover the entire back of the phone, it’s relatively easy to be detached without suffering damage. The black coat of paint along with the adhesive can also be scraped away from the glass fairly easily without risking scratching the surface, particularly due to the resilient nature of the glass itself. Nevertheless, removing the glass does require a bit of patience as the process could damage some of the ribbon connectors hiding underneath, and another detail to keep in mind is that the clear glass will have to be set back into place with new adhesive, since the original compound needs to be scrubbed away and cannot be salvaged. And since this is a clear mod, after all, it’s highly advised to use clear adhesive in order to keep the smartphone’s design clean.

The end result will entail a more unusual Pixel 2 XL that seems to have the potential of being an interesting conversation starter. Furthermore, this might be one of the easiest ways to steer the Pixel 2 XL away from the Panda nickname, if one so desires. Check out the video below for a full demonstration of the modding process.

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