Oculus Go Pre-Orders Sold Out On Amazon Within Hours

Oculus Go 01 1

Pre-orders for the Oculus Go virtual reality headset sold out on Amazon within hours, with the gadget’s listing appearing online around Tuesday midnight PST and now already being labeled as being out of stock. Facebook’s VR subsidiary has been working on the compact VR headgear for over a year now, having first announced it last October, though the Oculus Go still doesn’t have a firm release date attached to it. Even the newly sold-out Amazon listing states the headset will start shipping on December 31, which is widely interpreted as being just a placeholder date. Oculus was expected to showcase the gadget at this year’s iterations of the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress but hasn’t done either as it possibly wanted to save it for Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference which is taking place today and tomorrow in San Jose, California.

It’s presently unclear whether Oculus is planning on offering another batch for pre-orders later this spring, with the firm still not commenting on the matter in any capacity and offering the first series of advanced orders in a discreet manner, without any kind of public announcements. Consumers who were quick enough to place their orders in the last several hours paid $199 for the device, with the gadget itself being designed to deliver a standalone VR experience on a budget. The existence of the pre-orders suggests the Oculus Go should hit the market shortly but industry watchers have been describing its launch as “imminent” for three months now, with the Facebook-owned company being yet to commercialize it.

The gadget was delayed on at least one occasion seeing how Oculus already missed the “early 2018” release window it mentioned in October but Facebook‘s VR arm has yet to clarify what led to that state of affairs. Should the Oculus Go become available for another series of Amazon pre-orders in the coming days, you’ll be able to purchase your unit by referring to the banner below.

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