NEXT Studios Brings Grim Fun To Android With Death Coming


NEXT Studios' award-winning dark humor-filled strategy puzzle title Death Coming has now officially been launched on Android. Without giving away too much of the story or ensuing comedy, players take on the role of a protagonist who has died. They're then tasked with helping the grim reaper carry out his daily chores – bringing an end to non-player characters in a variety of environments. That's accomplished by manipulating the environment in order to cause accidents that don't violate the "free-will" of those characters. Like many other mobile titles, player interaction takes place via taps. However, those will need to be timed well and well-thought-out if players want to make it through all of Death Coming's levels. Gameplay seems straightforward but non-player characters will react, for example, if they see another character die. So players will need to be careful to plan out each step of their deathly duties in order to complete each scenario.

The graphics and sound quality with this particular title, though pixel-art-based, enable that gameplay without seeming too grotesque. Of course, that helps the humor along but that aspect of the game is also extremely well done. Better still, Death Coming is completely free to start for those who want to try it out without commitment. However, buying the full game will require an in-app purchase noted in the app's description. That's $1.99 for Android users. Setting that aside, however, there is at least one other caveat it's worth bringing up. The game installs with the default language not set to English. So users will need to navigate to the settings page and the language section. In the main menu, that's the middle option and language settings can be found at the bottom of the settings menu via the big oblong gray button.

In the meantime, there's not really much reason not to try out this quirky title from NEXT Studios. It's a great time killer and has a decent level of variety across the board. What's more, it offers up quite a bit of challenging fun for those who might feel inclined to deliver demise to the hapless inhabitants of a pixelated world. Anybody interested can head over to the Google Play Store easily enough via the Google Play button below.


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