NETGEAR's Arlo Smart Home Security Lights Launch May 25

NETGEAR Arlo Smart Home Security Light

NETGEAR‘s Arlo smart home security lights are launching May 25 and will be available to purchase on the day, but Amazon is already allowing consumers to pre-order the lights in various options of one, two, or three-light packs. These lights will come in a kit which includes the light itself and the mounting materials, as well as the bridge to help expand the coverage of the lights by extending the range of each light by 100 feet. Amazon is also going to be selling the light and bridge separately and those are already up for pre-order as well and will be officially released on the same date.

For those looking to beef up their home security, a single light kit will cost $149.99 whether pre-ordered or purchased after the release date, and it will jump up $100 from there for each kit that adds another light, so the two-light kit will be $249.99, and the three-light kit will be $349.99. As for the light and bridge by themselves, the light will be $129.99 alone while the bridge will be $59.99. The bridge by itself and the dd-on light will require the security light system to be set up, so the light or the bridge will do nothing for you if you don’t already have the system in place.

Both the bridge and the lights are completely free of wires as the lights will be housed outside and work off of the wireless home network, and the bridge plugs right into a wall outlet so it doesn’t need to be plugged in with a power cable. The light is also water-resistant so if happens to be set up outside and it rains you can rest assured the light will be safe. The lights offer customizable color settings too and it’s possible to set it to a strobe or a beam. While the Arlo security lights are hardly the only option out there, if you’re already invested in the Arlo system with other products these might be the way to go.

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