Exclusive: Meet The Motorola One Power With Android One , Bezel-Less Display & Notch

Motorola One Power Android One AH 01

The Motorola One Power brings with it dual rear cameras, a bezel-less display, a notch, and the return of the “motorola” branding.

Here is the first look at a new upcoming smartphone from Motorola, the ‘Motorola One Power.’ Not only is this the first look, but as far as AndroidHeadlines is concerned, this is the first time this phone has been reported on in general. Both the official render and the limited information provided here have been shared with AndroidHeadlines by a reliable source.

The return of “motorola”


So what is the Motorola One power? Well, firstly, it is important to note the logo shown above does look to confirm this is the Motorola One Power and may arrive stylized as the motorolaone Power. This is important as it seems this device is going to arrive branded as a “motorola” phone and not as a “moto” phone. Marking a return of the motorola branding after what has seemed like a very long hiatus. After all, it was not long after Google purchased Motorola that the brand started to adopt a simplified approach which also translated to its product naming structure, resulting in a number of different-tiered devices coming through branded as Moto phones. Since then, and even after Lenovo picked up Motorola, the branding continued, albeit with a slight adjustment to Moto by Lenovo, along with Lenovo’s intention to phase out the ‘Motorola’ name completely. More recently, however, Lenovo announced it had changed its mind and is now doing away with the Moto by Lenovo branding in favor of returning to the Motorola name. Now, after reverting back to the use of Motorola Moto, it seems this phone is going to debut without the Moto moniker. It will just be a Motorola phone.

Motorola continues to invest in Android One

While the name seems to be changing, one aspect that is not is Motorola’s commitment to Android One as the Motorola One Power will come running on Android One. This follows on from the Moto X4 which was not only an Android One-powered smartphone but also the first Android One phone announced for release in the U.S. And this is another trait that is now being carried over to the Motorola One Power as AndroidHeadlines understands this phone is set for a U.S. release. It very well may also become available in other countries, although the full list of its target markets remains an unknown. At present, all that is known is that it will make its way to the U.S. along with Android One.


Motorola embraces the notch

It seems highly likely this will be the first Motorola (Moto-branded or not) phone to come equipped with a notch. This is a trend that has been embraced by a significant number of high-profile Android phone manufacturers over the last year, and Motorola is now no different. Looking at the display of the upcoming device, it is clear the Motorola One Power is going as bezel-less as it can. The Motorola One Power not only sports the same type of edge-to-edge display design found on the recent Moto G6 but ups the amount of screen real estate available at the bottom. The ‘motorola’ branding still appears on what’s left of the chin, but that’s about it, with the branding more squeezed in between the display and the bottom of the phone. These design choices, coupled with the notch, result in one of the most bezel-free devices to come from the house of Motorola to date.

A familiar design, but different


Speaking of the Moto G6, the overall design of the Motorola One Power seems to be very similar. Although it comes with more display and a screen cutout, the front panel overall is almost a direct replica of the Moto G6, even down to the placement of the front-facing camera and flash. Likewise, the back of the phone is also reminiscent of the Moto G6 as it keeps the same “M” – batwing – logo which also likely includes the fingerprint sensor. However, compared to the Moto G6, the Motorola One Power includes a dual rear camera setup. The exact specification of the system is unknown, but dual cameras are in effect – just like with the Moto Z3 Play. However, unlike the Moto Z3 Play, the Motorola One Power’s dual rear camera setup is different. This is evident by its placement as it is widely expected the Moto Z3 Play will adopt a camera module identical to the G6 – other than with the inclusion of the extra sensor. The Motorola One Power, on the other hand, will adopt a completely different camera setup which sees the module placed in the upper left corner of the device. Not dissimilar to the iPhone camera placement, as well as a number of Android phones that have looked to emulate the iPhone design, with Motorola now looking to join that group.

Is this a repackaged Moto X5?

At this point, it is worth mentioning the Moto X5, as this was a device which leaked fairly heavily back in January with imagery that also highlighted a phone along with a notch and dual rear cameras. Since then, additional reports have come through suggesting Motorola/Lenovo no longer plan on releasing the Moto X5. Which may lead some to wonder whether this is that phone but repackaged differently. It would seem that is not the case as there are some fairly notably differences between this phone and the leaked Moto X5. Most obviously in the rear camera department, with the Motorola adoption of the iPhone-esque camera module placement compared to the Moto X4’s horizontal (Z3 Play) layout. Likewise, the Moto X5 image only suggested a notch might be in use due to the configuration of the top portion of the display. Unlike this image which clearly is pushing the notch as one of the main design points. There are other differences too which further suggests the two phones are as unrelated as any other two lines from Motorola.



While this is the first time the Motorola One Power has been reported on, the image provided does paint a very clear picture of what the phone will look like and offer, including the employment of Android One, dual rear cameras, a more display-heavy front panel, and a notch. However, the specs still remain unknown and therefore it is unclear where this phone will be positioned when it arrives. By association, it’s also unclear how much it will cost when it does arrive. Even the timing of its arrival remains an unknown. There are suggestions the Moto Z3 Play will make its debut on June 6 and if that is the case, then there is also a chance this phone could debut at the same event. However, with this being marketed as a Motorola phone and not a Moto phone, it could end up launching separately, especially if the plan is for it to debut in the U.S.