Markup Image Editor Gets New Features In Android P DP2 – Google I/O 2018


Google's new Markup Screenshot editor, introduced in the first Android Developer Preview, has received a moderate update in Android P's second Developer Preview (DP2). While having an easily accessible, built-in screenshot editor may not be the most exciting feature to arrive with Android P, it's a pretty important one for a lot of reasons. However, the first iteration also suffered from what would be a fatal flaw for users looking to get the most out of the tool. So, the biggest change is actually more of a bug fix than a new feature but its an important one. Namely, the first release of Markup actually had the bottom-bar navigation and tool menu overlapping the screenshot itself. That makes it difficult to judge cropping among other problems related to accurate image editing. That's now been fixed with Android P DP2. Meanwhile, a new option to share screenshots has been added to the notification bar prompt for a saved screenshot. That means that after editing, it's now a lot easier to simply tap that and share the resulting image with others.

Those changes may not seem like much, but as previously mentioned, they do bring in some of the most requested features for the tool. What's more, the other functions of the software have remained intact. So users will still be able to go beyond cropping, to also draw and erase drawings on a screenshot with impunity. The previously included undo and redo options are also still available. With any luck, further refinement and new functionality will be included in future releases. The ability to add text, rotate, and similar functionality would bring Markup more in line with what makes modern takes on screenshot or image editing software great.

For now, if those get added at all, they won't be in this update. It's already been an eventful day for Android at Google I/O 2018, particularly concerning this new developer preview – as Google continues working toward a final version of the next OS. There will also almost certainly be a lot of screenshot sharing among those that are currently testing out the software. So it's good to see that Google hasn't forgotten about this often undervalued but important part of the new update.


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