Lenovo Z5 Teaser Hints At 4TB Of Storage Space


Following the recent  Z5 teaser hinting at the upcoming flagship's bezel-less design, Lenovo's VP Chang Cheng took to social network Weibo once again to share another promo, this time suggesting that the Z5 will have an unprecedented amount of storage space – 4TB. Other details were not revealed but the teaser image was accompanied by a bit of text reconfirming that the Lenovo Z5 is scheduled for an official unveiling set to take place in June.

The Lenovo Z5 is expected to become the company's new premium smartphone and evidently, the OEM has begun building some hype around its latest creation in anticipation of its eventual release. Firstly, Lenovo's VP teased that the Z5 will have extremely thin bezels, which is an expected characteristic of today's premium devices. However, more unexpected is the fact that the Lenovo Z5 will apparently offer so many flash memory which, in theory, should be enough to accommodate around one million photos or 15,000 lossless audio files. The closest any OEM has ever gotten to implement this large amount of on-board memory was the 1TB mark hit by the newly announced Smartisan R1.

Having said that, it would seem that some Chinese OEMs might get into a new competition of outmatching one another in terms of on-board memory amounts. For the past few years, most smartphones have been equipped with storage ranging from 16GB to 256GB, depending on their price bracket, and with the latter option obviously being reserved for select premium models. But 4TB of storage on a flagship device from China would certainly make the aforementioned storage options seem very antiquated and could very well force other OEMs outside their comfort zone. Either way, it remains to be seen what other goodies the Lenovo Z5 might have prepared aside from its unprecedented storage volume, and more details should be officially unveiled in about a month from the time of this writing.


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