Lenovo Mirage Solo & Mirage Camera Now Available At Amazon

Lenovo Mirage Solo CES 2018 AM AH 0106

Lenovo announced its own standalone virtual reality headset at CES earlier this year, dubbed the Mirage Solo. It also debuted the Mirage Camera which is capable of taking 180-degree pictures and video. Both are now available for purchase on Amazon for $399 and $299 respectively. The Lenovo Mirage Solo is the first standalone Google Daydream headset (as the Daydream View used your smartphone to deliver content and as a display, so it wasn’t a completely standalone headset).

Mirage Solo is a great looking headset from Lenovo, and it’s also pretty lightweight, which is pretty impressive for what you’re getting here. It has a built-in display, therefore you won’t need to worry about removing your phone from the headset. The display is a 5.5-inch 2560×1440 Quad HD display here, so you’re getting basically a smartphone display inside. It does also have plenty of apps and games available, since it is running on Google’s Daydream platform. This includes things like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Plex, Eclipse: Edge of Light, Untethered and plenty of others. So there’s no shortage of apps and games available on the Lenovo Mirage Solo, which is definitely a good thing for those looking to pick it up. The Mirage Solo also runs on the Snapdragon 835 processor, so it’s definitely capable of running plenty of apps and games.

The other product in the Mirage lineup that Lenovo announced, is the Mirage Camera. This is a 180-degree camera that allows users to create content that can be watched on the Mirage Solo (and other VR headsets). It supports the VR180 format, and has two 180-degree lenses, essentially placed where your eyes would be when watching through a headset like the Mirage Solo. It’s an interesting way to create VR content, seeing as many other manufacturers are opting for 360-degree cameras instead.


The Mirage Camera is available in Moonlight White for $299 with the Mirage Solo being offered in the same Moonlight White (the only colors these are available in right now) for $399. Lenovo is not offering a bundle where you can buy both right now, but it may in the future. Finally, those that pick up the Mirage Solo can also get a free copy of Blade Runner: Revelations with it.

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