Lenovo Closes K8 Note Forum After Android Update Backlash


Lenovo has apparently been forced to close down the creation of new topics on its community support boards for the Lenovo K8 Note following a wave of complaints about an Android Oreo update for the device. More specifically, according to forum aAdministrator Andy_Lenovo, the company has been inundated with the creation of new topics – which flies in the face of the forum's guidance. Users frustrated with a number of issues apparently resulting from the update are generating those new topics without checking to see if a topic already exists for the issues. Those duplicates are overburdening administrators and moderators, according to the official, since they all need to be merged with base threads or locked. In fact, users are advised to hold off even on searching for the topic they need and then posting because the team needs time to catch up with that task. Any posts on threads set to be moved could be lost.

Of course, that hasn't stopped users responding to Andy_Lenovo's post with a new wave of complaints about the update but that shouldn't be altogether surprising. Android Oreo, in particular, has had a history of causing problems for manufacturers when pushed to devices. Nearly every OEM has, in fact, pushed the firmware update at some point, only to then be forced to halt the update while unforeseen bugs are worked out. In this case, the issues seem to run the gamut. Some users report things such as camera lag or the device's notification light ceasing to function after installing the update. Others point to lag in the call history within the phone app or the Settings app. Beyond system apps, some even point to lag in Play Store apps, despite reinstallation of those apps. Going further still, others report that the device now heats up and that charging time has nearly doubled. Moreover, the Dolby Atmos quick action is said to have disappeared from the quick settings in the handset's notification shade.

There's no way to know for sure when Lenovo's support forum for the device will regain functionality. Worse still, it appears as though the company has been forced to redirect efforts away from providing responses to the issues in order to clean up the newly created clutter from the forums themselves so as to restore their usefulness. With any luck, that won't take too long and Lenovo administrators will be able to respond to the problems reportedly caused by the update. From the sounds of it, however, the community boards are in shambles and it may take longer to put that back in order that for the software engineers behind the update to roll out fixes.


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