Kegtron Is A Smart Keg Monitor That Helps Keep The Beer Flowing


Running out of beer in mid-party is a real disappointment when you've paid a premium to set up a home keg system, but a new Kickstarter project called Kegtron wants to help you with that issue. The new smart device hooks up easily to the taps in any kegerator or keezer, and can tell you key information at a glance, such as how much beer is left and how many drinks that translates to given a custom-set serving size. It's even compatible with special setups like stout dispensers. Ease of use is one of the key features here; you don't have to set anything up, just walk near a hooked up unit with your smartphone and use the companion app. It will find nearby units and pull up their name and status information with no pairing or setup, meaning that you can even check if you'll be the last one to get a brew at somebody else's party, if they have a Kegtron.

Kegtron comes in single and dual keg configurations, and has simple input and output ports. All you have to do is attach it, which takes less than two minutes, link up to a unit with the companion app for iOS and Android, then configure the units just once. A single discreet electric wire running from your keg can power multiple Kegtron units. The units and plugs are all designed to withstand humid and messy environments and are highly leak-proof, meaning a busted tap or cracked keg won't spell the end of your Kegtron. Tell each unit the size of keg it's hooked up to and what's in it, and then simply enjoy your beer. Stats are saved to a small bit of internal storage in case of a power outage, and a specialized application processor for IoT handles getting the stats onto your phone. Stats are monitored continuously in real time, and you can even see the changes if you dispense while the companion app is running.

Kegtron is currently in the campaigning phase on Kickstarter, and you can get a single keg unit for only $125. A dual keg setup, meanwhile, will run you $189. A pair of two keg monitors can be had for $378, and those who want to monitor eight kegs can expect to pay $756. All orders will come with a USB power cable, standard power brick and a fanout cable to connect multiple units as needed, but international orders will be missing the power adapter. A standard phone charger can be subbed in, in most cases. Single keg systems will begin shipping out in August, while those looking to monitor more than one keg will have to wait until September.


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