Jurassic World Alive AR Mobile Game Now Available On Android


Jurassic World Alive is now available to download on Android devices through the Google Play Store. This is an official licensed game with Universal Studios having teamed up with game developer Ludia to bring the new title to market. Jurassic World Alive was first announced in March of this year, although at the time no firm details on when it would become available were provided. That has now changed with this week's launch coinciding with the latest Jurassic World movie installment – Fallen Kingdom. Which is due to arrive in movie theaters in June.

As for the game, this one should need little explaining as it does clearly utilize the approach made popular by Pokemon GO through the blending of the real world with augmented reality (AR). In much the same way as Pokemon GO, Jurassic World Alive players are able to walk around their location using the map provided in the app, draw on the use of their smartphone's camera when they get to key points, and build up a collection of creatures Рwith the difference being Pokemon characters have been switched out for dinosaurs. Also different is the method of building a collection with Jurassic World Alive players utilizing an in-game drone to take a sample from dinosaurs found at a location which is then used to recreate and add them to the player's inventory. However, for those who have already played Pokemon GO the most notable difference is likely to be the already available real-time player-versus-player (PvP) battle support.

Those looking to get up and running as soon as possible, Universal and Ludia have explained players will be able "to unlock valuable in-game content" when playing the game in or near a Walmart store or an AMC theater, including 'Walmart-branded Supply Drops' and 'AMC-branded incubators.' This particular AMC and Walmart affiliated feature will be live starting June 6 and will remain active until July 31. This is a free to download game, although it should be pointed out there are in-app purchases available with a listed price range of between $1.99 and $99.99. Check out the video below for more insight on the type of in-game experience on offer.


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