Huawei To Soon Debut Massive Mobile Tech Breakthrough: Report

Huawei P20 Pro AH NS 07 logo

Huawei will soon be launching a massive mobile technology breakthrough, Chinese outlet iFeng reports, citing industry insiders and confirmation from Richard Yu, the Chief Executive Officer of the firm’s consumer electronics group. Mr. Yu reportedly referred to the upcoming advancement as “very scary” in a positive sense, whereas Chinese sources believe its importance is at least on par with the triple-camera setup of the P20 Pro Android flagship, if not greater. What the upcoming technology exactly entails remains unknown, as does the nature of the solution itself; besides saying it’s designed for smartphones, sources weren’t able to clarify whether the breakthrough is meant to be delivered in the form of new hardware, software, or both.

Earlier this year, insiders claimed Huawei is developing its own operating system as a backup plan in case it ever decides to drop Android or is forced to give up on it like ZTE recently was, if only temporarily. The company denied those allegations when Chinese media inquired about the matter, having maintained it remains committed to Google’s mobile ecosystem. The latest report claims Huawei’s tech breakthrough may first debut inside an Honor smartphone in the second half of the year but refrains from concrete speculation.

Huawei has been focusing on two main tech fields in recent years, at least as far as its smartphones are concerned – photography and artificial intelligence. Last year, the firm debuted the world’s first chip with a dedicated neural processing unit solely meant to fuel machine learning and related AI applications, having followed up on that achievement this year with the aforementioned P20 Pro, an Android flagship with three rear cameras. Provided the Shenzhen-based manufacturer follows the same milestone pattern in the immediate future, its next major advancement in the mobile space should once again be related to AI. The P20 Pro is already heavily focused on AI but most of its applications of the thereof have already been available on the Mate 10 series since late 2017. Huawei‘s next high-end offering is expected to be announced in the form of the Mate 20 lineup this fall.