HOMTOM Celebrating 5th Anniversary With Discounts & Giveaway

HOMTOM 5th anniversary 2

HOMTOM is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary, and as part of the festivities, the company has decided to share some coupon codes with all of you, so that you can purchase some HOMTOM devices and spend less money while doing so. Now, on top of that, the company also discounted a number of its smartphones as well, and you can apply the aforementioned coupon codes in order to bring their price points even further down. It is worth noting that you can use the aforementioned coupon codes only for HOMTOM-branded phones that are listed in a link which is provided down below.

Now, the company decided to share two sets of coupon codes, it is offering $10 off for purchases over $100, all you need is utilize the “Homtom5th” for one of the devices that are listed in the link provided down below. Keep in mind, though, that this coupon code is valid until May 14, and it is limited to 300 uses. The second coupon code, “Homtom5th50off”, will get you a $50 discount on purchases over $100, and is valid until May 11. This coupon code, however, can be used for only 10 orders per day (first come, first serve), starting at 10AM UTC until May 11. Having said that, the HOMTOM HT70, S9 Plus, S8, ZOJI Z8, and a number of other devices are also discounted, as already mentioned. For example, you can now purchase the HOMTOM S8 for only $129.99, though that discount is limited to first 30 purchases. That handset’s design is inspired by the Galaxy S8, while the phone comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, not to mention that fast charging is also included in the package.

The HOMTOM S9 Plus, one of the company’s best-selling devices lately, is also discounted, it is now priced at $136.99, and that discount is limited to 25 units. The phone comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of native storage, while it sports a 5.99-inch fullHD+ display. If you’re looking for a rugged smartphone, the HOMTOM ZOJI Z8 is now priced at $149.99, though that discount is limited to first 10 purchases. That handset is IP68-certified, while it sports 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Follow the link down below if you’re interested in any of these devices, while many more are listed there as well. Now, it is also worth noting that the company is giving away five smartphones, click here for more info.


HOMTOM Anniversary Sale