Hatch, Noodlecake Announce Premium Android Game Partnership

Hatch Noodlecake Studios Partnership

Mobile game streaming company Hatch and developer-publisher Noodlecake Studios partnered on a new project meant to bring the latter’s titles to the former’s platform, allowing Android users from 18 countries and counting to experience an even richer on-demand gaming library than what the Espoo, Finland-based firm has been offering so far. Noodlecake’s first title launching as part of Hatch’s portfolio is Chameleon Run, a Unity-powered and award-winning autorunner with a color-changing twist which normally retails at $1.99 on the Google Play Store.

Chameleon Run is available to Hatch users free of charge as of today, with a number of other titles from Noodlecake being set to join it in the coming weeks. So far, the new partners confirmed their intentions to bring Death Road To Canada, Island Delta, Wayward Souls, Lumino City, Framed, and Framed 2 to the mobile game streaming platform, not necessarily in that particular order. Noodlecake is the latest company to join Hatch’s growing list of publishers which already include the likes of Ubisoft, Square Enix, SEGA, and Bandai-Namco. The company established as a spin-off of Angry Birds maker Rovio is presently offering titles from more than a hundred developers and publishers and is still running an entirely free service with no in-app purchases even though many of its games have been originally envisioned as premium creations.

Hatch’s current business model relies on a combination of advertising and brand storytelling, with the latter essentially being product placement. The firm is still planning to introduce a premium subscription service which will allow gamers to remove all ads and gain access to more content and features at some point in the future, though no specific timelines have yet been defined. Besides offering instant gaming experiences, Hatch is also advertising its platform as an extremely value-oriented proposition which allows gamers to play through a broad range of Android games without significant financial commitments. The service is still available exclusively in Europe but should eventually launch on a global level.