Hasbro Bringing Boggle, Trivial Pursuit & More To Oculus Go

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Oculus Go availability was announced at Facebook’s developer conference, F8, earlier this week, and Hasbro also had an announcement for the Oculus Go. it is bringing some of its most popular games over to the virtual reality platform. This includes popular names like Boggle, Trivial Pursuit, and Monopoly. The company says that the games will soon be available in the Oculus Store wherever Oculus Rooms are available – which is around 23 countries right now. Oculus says that the launch of these Hasbro games are part of a big update for Oculus Rooms. In which users will be able to play games head-to-head with friends in Oculus Rooms, with “life-like avatars”. So users would be able to play Monopoly with their friends without being physically with their friends.

Hasbro is pretty well-known for its popular board games, but in the digital age, Hasbro has needed to transition from physical games into video games and virtual games. So far it has done a pretty good job at doing just that. Luckily it hasn’t had as hard of a time as its main competitor, Mattel. And of course, with Toys’ R Us closing down, Hasbro definitely needs to look elsewhere for revenue. And bringing its popular games onto virtual reality platforms like Oculus Go, will do just that.

The Oculus Go was actually announced last year at F8, but it wasn’t until this year that it actually became available for purchase. The headset is actually manufactured by Xiaomi, and is running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. It’s a mobile virtual reality headset, that also works as a great product to get more users into virtual reality, since it is only $199. Additionally, buyers don’t need to also buy a PC that is capable of streaming VR applications, along with this headset. Unlike the Gear VR (also made by Oculus), it does not need your smartphone, as it has a display built into the viewer, and has 32GB of storage (there is also a 64GB model) for games and apps as well. The Oculus Go is available now from Amazon, and should ship immediately. So if you are looking to pick one up, now is a great time to do just that.

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