Google Will Launch Its Smart Displays This Summer – I/O 2018

Google IO 2018 Smart Displays AH 27 2

Google will launch its smart displays this Summer. The company has announced during Google I/O 2018 that it is close to releasing its smart displays to market so it’ll be on par with the likes of the Echo Show, partnering with brands that have already announced Google Assistant-powered smart displays, such as Lenovo, JBL, Sony and others. Specifically, the smart displays will be launching in July though Google did not give a specific date in that month, nor did it share much in the way of actual details about availability. Consumers can probably expect, however, that these will go on sale through multiple retailers and likely through the Google Store.

The video below, which Google published to its YouTube channel back during CES 2018 in the beginning of the year, shows off what some of the features and interaction will be like, and Google demoed some of the interaction today during its keynote speech. Of course YouTube is also a big feature that will set it apart from devices like the Echo Show, and Google dove a little deeper into how Google Assistant is going to be more robust and improved upon to make it better for smart display devices, noting that it will be more visually assistive.

Google also announced that YouTube TV would be available for its smart displays as well, so if you’re in the kitchen cooking and you don’t really need the recipe on-screen, you can bring up your favorite show via YouTube TV instead so you don’t miss out. Just as Google Home Mini and Google Home Max were a big focus for Google Assistant last fall, smart displays have been the big focus as of the beginning of this year in regards to Google’s Assistant hardware push, and now it seems like consumers only have a few months longer to wait before they can incorporate them into their daily lives.