Google Opens Assistant Investment Program For Startups

Google is opening an Assistant investment program for startups so that it can help advance the future of Google Assistant through the backing of these companies. Google notes that the startups it plans to help as part of this program will be early-stage startups, so that likely means Google will only consider startups which haven't been in business past a certain amount of time. That said Google is already working with a handful of different early-stage startups that operate across a range of different fields including travel, and hospitality.

The startups that are already part of the program are GoMoment, Edwin, BotSociety, and PulseLabs, and as part of the program each startup benefits from various elements and assistance from Google, all of which are equally important as they play a different role in the hopeful success of the research and development of new Assistant tools, products, and capabilities. To help usher forward the future of Google Assistant any startup that is allowed into the program will get investment funding from Google to help with the monetary cost of R&D as well as production, though, Google doesn't mention how much capital it's actually investing in each startup or if the amount is the same for each one.

In addition to the funding, startups are also getting the very necessary component of help from Google Engineers. Should any startup have questions about a particular situation regarding what they're working on, they'll be able to get help from Google so they can move forward. Google is also allowing startups to have early access to new tools and features for Assistant so startups can test these things out and potentially get their products to market quicker, however a faster production time isn't necessarily guaranteed as that really depends on the company itself. That said, companies shouldn't have too much trouble as they're also getting access to the Google Cloud Platform and promotional help from Google to advertise products and help get the word out to more potential consumers in addition to the other above-mentioned components. Any startups wishing to be a part of Google's new program and get assistance can sign up through Google's form which can be accessed from the button below.

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