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One of the main announcements that Google made during its Google I/O keynote is the all-new version of Google News. The Google News application has been around for quite some time now, but it seems like Google thought it not only needs a refresh in design, but also a complete revamp, as the new Google News design offers plenty on both fronts. Google utilizes AI in the new Google News in order to offer you the best available information out there, as the app utilizes real-time AI/ML in order to organize news.

The first thing you’ll notice in the "new Google News" is the refreshed design, the UI looks even cleaner now, at the top of the display, you will be able to find a briefing portion which consists out of five stories that the app has organized for you, which is basically a mix of the most important headlines, local news, and the latest developments on the topics you’re interested in, and AI plays a huge role in picking those headlines. If you scroll on, you will see the rest of the headlines that are selected for you, based on your subscriptions, through different categories are available for selection at the bottom the display, so you will be able to check out the hottest headlines at the moment, for example, as in headlines that people are most interested in at that very moment. Google says that the app will get better the more you use it, as it will learn what you’re interested in, and adapt to you in the process, suggesting news that are most interesting for you personally.

As part of the new Google News, the company introduced “Newscasts” as well, which is a new visual format, basically. Newscasts bring together a collection of articles, video, and quotes to you, and those collections refer to a single topic. The aim of this feature is to offer you as much information about a specific topic as possible, of course. Now, if you want to get more insight into a story, the “Full Coverage” feature is here to assist you, as it will provide you with a more complete picture of how a specific story is reported from a number of other sources, in addition to the one you’re checking out at the time. If you hit the “Newsstand” tab in the app, you will be able to find and choose which news sources are most interesting to you, and also find new ones. If you want to support your favorite news sources, you can subscribe to them via your Google account, no need for forms, credit card numbers or separate passwords. Thanks to the “Google News Initiative”, Google’s new platform, you will be able to get access to your paid content using your Google account on all platforms, basically. The new Google News app will replace the Google Play Newsstand on mobile and desktop, and the Google News & Weather app on mobile. Google said that the app is rolling out starting today, and it will be available on Android, iOS, and on the web in 127 by next week, so pretty much everyone will have access to it soon enough.

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