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Google's Cloud Platform (GCP) is getting yet another significant boost thanks to a new partnership between Google Cloud and NetApp which introduces a new cloud-native file storage service called Cloud Volumes. That's according to an announcement made by the search giant on May 8. By integrating Cloud Volumes with GCP, the companies hope to introduce high-performance and scalability to shared file-system. That would effectively equate to users having the ability to move files around with a minimal amount of disruption because of the flexibility cloud-native apps have. A public preview of the fully-managed storage service is planned for later on in 2018. However, there's also a private preview available for sign up now through NetApp's official site at the button below, for those who can't wait to get their workload in the cloud.

With regard how Cloud Volumes will affect the platform, Google says the partnership offers several advantages. First, NetApp's management features are incorporated into the Cloud Volumes. That means customers can sync, take snapshots of, and create full copies of their data quickly and, in some cases, automatically. That storage, in the meantime, highly secure and flexible enough to move without disruption thanks to NetApp's experience with EDA workflows, scientific computing, and SaaS applications. Beyond that, the newly integrated Cloud Volumes are designed specifically to keep files mobile in the cloud. That makes them a good fit for data that needs to move back and forth between the cloud and on-premises devices – such as with work involving file services, analytics, databases, disaster recovery, and DevOps models, to name a few use cases. Perhaps best of all, Cloud Volume will be managed by NetApp whereas both support and billing will be fully incorporated with GCP. So there won't be any need to go outside of the platform for those things.

It goes without saying that, as of this writing, the companies haven't announced an official launch date for the full release. That may be down to the partners trying to keep a lid on developments with the project to keep competitors at bay. But it could also be an indication of how early on in the project the two companies are. In either case, this is expected to become available as a public preview, at least, within the next several months. So anybody interested will want to keep an eye out for more details.

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