Google Launches Official VR180 Companion App

AH VR180

Google has launched the official VR180 companion app for devices like the Mirage Camera, Lenovo’s point and shoot camera that was announced earlier this year and dedicated to helping creators and average users make VR, 360-degree content. The app was launched at the end of last week and is already live on the Play Store, so if you had planned to buy a VR180 camera like the one from Lenovo then you’ll want to head things off by installing this on your device and getting a handle on how it works and what it offers.

In terms of features the app has a handful of functions but its main function is to help you set up your VR180 camera and connect it to your smartphone. Once the connection is set up between the two devices you’ll gain access to a host of different options, like seeing the different photos and videos you’ve taken with the camera in a sort of gallery view of media, not too unlike Google Photos as the user interface looks quite similar. You can also use the app to select your favorite moments of anything you’ve captured using the camera, and there is a direct share option so you can post those images and videos to other places, whether it be sharing it with your social media feeds or simply with a friend or family member through a message.

One other benefit of the app is that you can use it as a remote shutter button. So if you are getting ready to use the VR180 camera but you want to be in the shot, you can set the camera up, open the app, step into the frame and then use the app to take the picture. Perhaps less exciting but still functional is the ability to adjust the settings of your camera from the app, as well as the option to see a live preview of what the camera is shooting. The app is of course a free download, and you can grab it from the button below.