Google I/O 2018 Keynote Starts Soon, Watch It Live Here

Google Logo 2018 AM AH 13

This year’s edition of Google’s Developers Conference aka Google I/O is here, and the keynote starts in a couple of hours. Those of you who would like to tune in and listen to what Google has to say should know that the keynote starts at 10AM PST, and Google will live stream its keynote. If you’d like to watch it, we’ve embedded a video link for you down below, so all you have to do is wait for the conference to start.

Now, as it’s the case every year, Google I/O will not be a one event type thing, Google’s Developers Conference will last for three days, from May 8 to May 10, and during those three days, Google will host separate small events, following its keynote, in order to talk more about various announcements the company will make during its keynote. As Google I/O is here primarily for developers, most of what the company’s employees end up talking about won’t really be that interesting to the general public, but during the keynote, Google is expected to announce some upcoming features, while some upcoming products may be mentioned, but the company is not expected to announce any new hardware today. Android P will almost certainly be one of the main talking points of Google’s keynote, as the second developer preview is coming, and chances are it will be announced today, perhaps even released at the same time by the company, as the first one arrived weeks ago.

In addition to Android P, Google will probably put a huge focus on Machine Learning, as it did last year. Google Assistant will probably be talked about as well, and same goes for Google Lens. Now, recently, we’ve seen some reports regarding a merger between YouTube Music and Google Play Music, so it’s possible that Google will announce something regarding all that today as well. On top of everything, some Android TV-related announcements are also expected from the Mountain View giant. All in all, plenty of announcements are expected later today, so tune in if you’re interested.