Google I/O 2018 Day One Wrap Up: Keynote Speech, Google Assistant, Android P & More

Google IO AM AH 1

Day one of Google I/O 2018 is wrapping up and with it much of the details on the latest happenings for many of Google’s products and services. The keynote speech was packed full of content about everything Google would be bringing to the Android platform, Chrome OS, Android TV, Google Assistant, and many other offerings that Google makes available to users, though much of the details from the speech were certainly focused on Google Assistant. For instance, Google is making inroads with bringing a more conversational aspect to Assistant so things feel much more natural than they already do. It’s doing this in a few ways, but one of the more prominent is through the new interactions Assistant will be able to make on the user’s behalf for setting up appointments and such. As Google noted earlier, Assistant will eventually be able to book appointments for you over the phone and speak to businesses when you can’t.

Not quite Google Assistant in full, Google also highlighted more information on its smart displays, stating that they would be launching in July and that YouTube TV would be present on the devices. This is great if you plan to keep the display in the kitchen and don’t want to miss a show while you cook. Of course it’ll have plenty of other uses too.

Perhaps the biggest announcement of the day, if Android as the platform is the most important part for you, was the release of Android P’s second developer preview which is now available to download as a system image. If you’re not familiar with or comfortable with flashing system images to your device, then the good news is that Google is also going to be pushing the software out to a handful of different devices as part of the newly announced Android P Beta program, which also includes non-Google devices thanks to Google’s announcement of the Android P beta Partner Program, which includes phones like the Mi MIX 2S and others. If there’s anything you missed from Google I/O 2018 Day One, you can find everything in the links down below.


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