Google I/O 2018 Complete Wrap Up: Everything You Need To Know

Google IO AM AH 3

Google I/O 2018 has come to a close, and although there were no major hardware announcements to come from the event, there was still plenty of exciting new details about the future of Android as well as Google’s other products and services. The biggest announcement of course likely comes in the form of the reveal for the second developer preview for Android P, which Google officially announced and then released the same day – May 8. With the second developer preview came a handful of changes and new features to the Android operating system that will give users something to look forward to no matter how big or small, such as the new security features or the slight design change of the heads-up notifications.

Beyond Android P Google placed a lot of emphasis on Google Assistant this year, showcasing how things would be changing and improving. One big addition to Google Assistant is the Google Duplex technology which will let users allow Google Assistant to make and handle phone calls for them for specific purposes like setting up appointments. Google demoed this during its keynote speech on the first day of conference, and despite the issues that some users may end up having about the morality of such a feature being implemented, the functionality is sure to prove quite useful at times when people are busy and may not be able to make an appointment for something.

The second developer preview for Android P was not the only developer preview to make an appearance this year. Google also announced and then released the second developer preview of Wear OS. Now Wear OS is simply the revamp of Android Wear. A new name, some new features, and another attempt at bringing the Android-based smartwatch platform a little closer to the mainstream consumer. Chrome OS had some announcements too. In the Fall Google plans to bring Gboard and App Shortcuts to the platform, as well as Picture-In-Picture mode, all things which should work well for use on Chrome OS tablets like the one Acer announced earlier this year. If you happened to miss anything from Google I/O 2018, you can find everything in the links down below.


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