Google Clips Better At Recognizing Moments, Gains Family Pairing


Google has announced its Clips camera is gaining in its ability to understand, resulting in an improved level of functionality in general. Specifically, Google Clips is becoming better at "recognizing hugs, kisses, jumps and dance moves" with a view to ensuring the likes of parents and pet owners never miss an opportunity to capture a moment that otherwise might have been too unexpected to plan for.

Which is sort of the purpose when it comes to Google Clips, as while this is a camera it is more of a camera owners are not expected to directly engage with. This is due to Clips making use of a combination of motion detection and artificial intelligence (AI) with the former designed to see when something is happening and the latter to understand whether what's happening is a moment worth capturing. Which is where the new and improved functionality now comes in, as in addition to its ability to already detect and identify worthwhile moments, Clips will now be better at understanding when a hug or a kiss takes place, or when jumping and dancing occurs, and respond more accordingly.

Besides the improved understanding, Google also confirmed it is adding a new "family pairing" feature which lets Clips owners connect an additional device to the Clips so the owner of the secondary device also has access to the stored images/videos – a feature improvement which has been directly requested by families, according to Google. These requests have likely surfaced due to the strict security measures that are in place with an always-watching device like this as none of the content captured by Clips is accessible online or by anyone other than through the owner's connected device. Therefore, family pairing will mitigate against this issue by allowing owners to approve another person's device for access. Last but not least, Google took today's announcement as an opportunity to highlight Clips is now available for $50 less as part of a current Mother's Day promotion. In other words, the price has now dropped down from its usual $249 to $199. As for the new features, current owners can expect to see an update arriving this week.

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