FOTU Group Targets Google Employees With Search-Fairness Ad

A group titled FOTU (Focus On The User) is targeting Google employees with a search-fairness ad published on YouTube. The video ad, which can be seen below, gives a very brief history of what searching for and obtaining information on the internet was like in the early days of the internet, which is being hailed as a lot more challenging before Google came along. Before too long though the video changes tone, suggesting that Google is no longer focused on the best interests of the user in terms of fairness when it comes to delivering search results, stating that Google Search' current algorithm can be sidestepped by Google when it wants to serve up some of its own content along with other content that a person may be searching for.

The video claims that Google is delivering search results in the answer box that shows up at the top of a search results list when you look for something, with subjective information along with the most relevant answers to a person's query. If this is true, the issue with it is that users are no longer getting the most relevant answers to their questions that are being typed into the Google Search box, and instead are being provided with somewhat biased list of results that contain "what Google wants you to see," meaning that Google may not really be focusing on the interests of the user, hence the name of the group and the title of the video.

The ad is essentially asking employees of Google to share the message and spread awareness of what is seen as a growing problem, that Search results and practices are not as fair as they once were, and that something needs to change so that users are once again obtaining the information and answers that are most directly relevant to what they're searching for. This isn't exactly a new issue that has been proposed by the group. FOTU actually posted the same video on its YouTube channel back in 2017 having been narrated by what sounds like a different member of the group. This suggests that FOTU obviously feels that nothing has changed since it attempted to spread its original message and get people to take notice. More interestingly, by bringing the issue to the forefront once more and basically asking employees to use their pull in the company, the group is seeking a new avenue for reaching the end goal of getting Google's search results back to a fair list of answer and content that are most relevant to the user.

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