Fishbrain Is First To Use New ML Tools – I/O 2018


Google has introduced a brand new machine learning development kit and APIs as part of its Google I/O 2018 Developers Conference and Fishbrain has now been revealed as the first partner to take advantage of that. For those who may not be aware, Fishbrain is among the most popular apps for anglers on the Google Play Store. It's effectively a social application that connects anglers and provides real-time catch maps of over 1.7 million fishing locations. That allows users to see where the biggest fish or fish of a specific species are being caught in order to better their own chances. However, it also goes much further to serve as a way to quickly check the best baits to use, times to fish, and much more. Beyond that, advanced features can be bought in-app for $5.99, while most features are available for free with the app download.

Fishbrain will be utilizing the new Google Machine learning Firebase SDK for image recognition via the creation of a species recognition model. This way, anglers can more conveniently and quickly determine the exact species of the fish when logging it with the app. There are also often rules and regulations in place regarding which fish can be caught and which need to be released. Those tend to vary from area to area and from fishing spot to fishing spot, so this should be useful for those who are new to fishing. Fishbrain has made that process even easier by starting with a "fish-no-fish model" which can quickly examine a device's photo roll to look for images with fish. The new models will be stored in Firebase and downloaded during app use to save space that would be used up if it were pre-bundled with the app download itself.

There's no word yet on whether or not users will have an option to download select data for specific fishing spots before heading out. That would allow users to have access to the database even in areas where no cell signal or connectivity is available but it may be best not to assume any such feature will be added for the time being. In the meantime, the app is completely free aside from the above-mentioned subscription for advanced features. So anybody interested in checking it out will want to head over to the Play Store button below.


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