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Facebook has now launched a Youth Portal aimed at providing younger users with insights about privacy and safe web use. More specifically, Facebook bills the page as being about "empowering youth" with knowledge about things that matter to them, presented by others their own age. In today's online environment, the company can't help but include material related to how Facebook collects and utilizes user data. That's going to be important for the incoming generation of Internet users, given the recent revelations associated with and subsequent hostile attitude toward Facebook. However, the page is also designed to help those same users more efficiently use the platform to create change and build communities. So it does appear to fit in line with Facebook's proclaimed goal.

With regard to the page itself, the tech and social media giant starts with a basic introduction to the site, followed by links out to two separate sections. Those include "Facebook Basics" and "Tips & Resources." The majority of resources associated with privacy and security are logically included in the Facebook Basics section. Visitors are, in fact, greeted by four buttons linking to an explanation of the tools and use of the platform, security, instructions for building a network of friends, and a primer on sharing mindfully. Each of those is fairly self-explanatory and accompanied by cutely animated icons but that's just the overview page. There are also dedicated tabs along the top of the page for basics, security, safety, and privacy – showing an obvious leaning toward solving past problems with Facebook. Moving on to the Tips section, users only have two options to choose from, the first is a set of "Guiding Principles" which delves a bit deeper into themes of the first section. Facebook uses analogies such as comparing hanging out online with strangers to letting strangers hang out in one's room, for example. Then there's also a blog section for keeping tabs on the latest trends within the contexts of the Youth Portal's themes.

It might seem strange to some for Facebook to be focused on informing young users about the topics of online best practices for privacy and safety. However, the site actually seems well-thought-out and could be invaluable for its target audience. The dangers of interacting online are not going anywhere and information can be the best defense against the pitfalls in question. It might even be nearly as helpful for quite a few adults out there. So anybody who wants to check it out will want to head over to the button below.

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