Exclusive: Here's The LG V35 ThinQ , Likely 'AT&T's LG Phone'

LG V35 ThinQ AH Exclusive 03

Official render of the LG V35 ThinQ, LG’s other flagship smartphone

Here is the first look at the LG V35 ThinQ. This is currently an unannounced smartphone from LG which so far has only been the subject of speculation. After the name was leaked online by Evan Blass, AndroidHeadlines provided corroboration of the existence of the V35 ThinQ as well as exclusive information on a number of the key features – based on seen LG in-house documentation. Now, after already publishing the first official render of the G7 ThinQ, AndroidHeadlines can also share this official render of the V35 ThinQ, provided by a reliable source.

The render not only further confirms the existence of the V35 ThinQ, but also reinforces some of the features already stated. For example, AndroidHeadlines had already confirmed the V35 would come with dual rear cameras and an 18:9 aspect ratio. The latter of which led to the suggestion the V35 ThinQ would not include a notch like the G7 ThinQ. As the image above highlights, there is a dual rear camera setup (on par with the G7 ThinQ in the form of dual 16-megapixel cameras) and there is no notch in sight. Other features previously confirmed by AndroidHeadlines include a 6-inch QHD+ OLED “FullVision” display, an 80-percent screen-to-body ratio, a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC, and an emphasis on the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of the phone. Along with a “premium glossy finish” in a choice of either Black or Gray colors.


What now makes this phone even more interesting is a report which emerged today looking to confirm AT&T has no plans to release the G7 ThinQ due to its intention to release an exclusive LG phone in the coming months. While there is no firm confirmation on this, AndroidHeadlines is of the belief that upcoming AT&T exclusive LG phone will be the V35 ThinQ. The renders shown here are understood to be AT&T-specific renders of the V35 ThinQ which further reinforces the likelihood of this being the AT&T LG phone. Especially considering the two renders highlight both the black and gray color options associated with the V35 ThinQ. Adding further support to this assumption is the LG V40 ThinQ. This is yet another LG smartphone that has been rumored to be coming from LG this year and up until now it has remained unclear as to where the V35 fitted in or the strategy behind releasing two V-series models in quick succession. For example, it has previously been rumored the V35 would arrive first (following the G7) and followed shortly afterwards by the V40. Based on those rumors, it would stand to reason the LG V35 will indeed launch soon — “this summer” could mean around August 10 based on the date displayed in the image above — as an AT&T exclusive, followed by the V40 ThinQ towards the fall and as a V-series model available through all carriers.