Comcast Now Sells Mesh "Pods" To Extend XFINITY WiFi In Your Home


Comcast has begun selling a new product on its website, these are Mesh "xFi Pods" that will extend the range of your XFINITY WiFi coverage throughout your home. These are meant for larger homes – Comcast says around three to four bedrooms and multi-floor homes – rather than for apartments and condos. The xFi Pods are a pretty simple solution for users to extend their WiFi coverage around their home, and they are also pretty simple to set up.

The xFi Pods are available in a three-pack for $119. That does sound rather pricey, but these are right in-line with the price of a mesh WiFi system or a couple of signal extenders. Comcast says that all you need to do is plug these into outlets around your home and it'll automatically extend your WiFi connectivity. As expected, it can be controlled through your xFi app which is available on both Android and iOS. Which is used to setup the Pods and change any settings should you need too. The xFi Pods are pretty small pods, and actually look really nice, so you can put them around your home without making your home look ugly or anything. Which is also a pretty good thing these days. In order to use the xFi Pods, you do need to have Comcast's newer gateway, which the company says around 15 million of its 26 million customers already have. And if you don't have it, Comcast will send you a new one for free, which is always a good thing.

Comcast using Mesh WiFi for this is a big deal actually, as Mesh WiFi is actually better for extending WiFi coverage around your home, as opposed to a regular signal extender that most people would use. This is because Mesh WiFi doesn't repeat the signal, which results in slower speeds for more coverage. Mesh WiFi is able to extend coverage while keeping your speeds top-notch, and in some cases, increasing your speeds. So this is definitely a good option for those that do need more coverage. Those that live in larger homes, or maybe have a small business, Comcast also has a six-pack of these pods. This six-pack is meant for those with five or more bedrooms.

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