Clear OnePlus 6 Mod Adds Famous Red Battery


The OnePlus 6 is viewed as a stylish phone as it is, but YouTube JerryRigEverything brings out its inner beauty, along with a handmade riff on OnePlus' famous red battery and the phone's well-crafted internals in one of his routine clear mod videos. As he has done with most of the major flagships coming to market with glass backs, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and even the Apple iPhone 8, the interior and exterior coatings have been stripped off of the OnePlus 6 to expose what's underneath. The result is a tad more fragile than it would otherwise be and is no longer water-resistant, which means that you'll want to be extra careful with it, or as JerryRigEverything recommends, use a good clear case to show it off safely.

The usual caveat applies here; any kind of body work or mods will void your phone's warranty and render any support from OnePlus null and void, even for issues not related to your mod. As with most of these videos, the first step is to heat up the back of the phone to melt the adhesive glue. After that, using a suction cup to bring the phone's back up a bit will help you slip in a pry tool, then you'll want to put some paper or another slim object or layer in to help keep the glue from re-adhering and cooling while you're getting the back the rest of the way off. Once you've got it off, mind the ribbon cable for the fingerprint scanner, and you'll be able to make your way inside the phone to be greeted by a non-red battery.

JerryRigEverything opted to put some red coloring on the battery, along with a OnePlus sticker, before picking up the glass back again to melt the adhesive on the fingerprint scanner and dual camera lens. Peeling the black film underneath left a small OnePlus logo and some text on the bottom embossed in gold, which were left intact. Finally, the back's components were put back in and the back put into place, all with the help of some double-sided tape, a razor blade, and some more heat. The result was something that could be "the most beautiful clear mod ever done," but it's worth keeping in mind that the film on the back of the glass probably helped with durability, and the phone now has no hope whatsoever of surviving a dunk without getting water inside the case, a scenario that's potentially harmful even for a phone with micro-coated components.


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