Captain America (Infinity War) Comes To Marvel Contest Of Champions

Captain America - Infinity War is coming to Marvel Contest of Champions following the release of the popular movie that hit theaters just a couple of weeks ago. In addition to adding the new Captain America into Marvel Contest of Champions, Kabam is also adding Cheetor to its other popular game in the same genre, Transformers: Forged To Fight. Both character updates are already live as of this morning and players will be able to update their games to take advantage of the new character changes and start checking out all of the exciting new abilities that each character brings to the table.

For starters, Captain America will have base stats of 15,660 for health points and 1,148 for attack damage. His max PI will be 3,802 without his signature level (99) and 4,725 with it, though it's worth noting that these stats are based on a 4-star, along with rank 5 and level 50, so these stats will vary based on how many stars and what rank he has when acquired. His base stats for 5-star and rank 5 with level 65 will be 31,398 for health points and 2,301 for attack damage, as well as 7,658 max PI without his signature level of 200 and 10,300 with it. Suffice it to say Captain America should be a pretty strong character especially when leveled up. When it comes to his abilities, his character class is science and his basic abilities will be bleed, stun, fury, and kinetic potential, and his specials will be My Ally's Claws which is a defense move, Kinetic Discharge which unleashes a wave of kinetic energy, and Lead From The Front which lets him smash his opponents to the ground.

In regards to Cheetor in Transformers: Forged To Fight, the class will be Scout, with base health points at 9,825, base attack at 1,017, and a max rating of 3,531, though these are for when Cheetor is a 4-star level. Cheetor has a range of basic abilities as well as signature abilities so players look to be getting a pretty versatile character here. Basic abilities will include passive which helps reduce power drain from incoming attacks, End of A Light which helps him gain 0.5-percent to 2-percent of his max power for one second (also works for medium melee combos), Critical Melee Hits which have a 30-percent to 4-percent chance to inflict bleed, and Dashing Heavy Attacks which have a 100-percent chance to evade incoming ranged attacks and a 20-percent to 30-percent chance to evade projectiles. Cheetor's signature ability is Feral Strike which gives him a 10-percent to 40-percent critical hit rate and his attacks ignore armor, shielding, and evasion. He also has three special attacks which are Transmental Trauma, Quasar Blaster, and Maximal Overdrive. As mentioned above the character updates for both of these characters being added to their respective games are already live in the Play Store so you can update and dive right in.

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