BlackBerry Mobile Confirms June 7 Event For KEY2 Reveal


BlackBerry Mobile has confirmed that it will hold a June 7 event for the KEY2 reveal, which means it won’t be long before the general public gets to see the followup to last year’s well-received KEYone. More to the point, the teaser that BlackBerry Mobile has pushed via its Twitter account earlier this morning confirms a leak from April 30 that the device would indeed be called the KEY2, with BlackBerry making the decision to change from spelling out the number like with the KEY2’s predecessor. Beyond the name and the date for the event there isn’t really a whole lot of detail to be picked up from the teaser, but there may be a few things of note to pay attention to.

First, BlackBerry Mobile is referring to the KEY2 as an icon, but more specifically it’s making a statement that “an icon will be reborn” which could mean that it’s also calling the KEYone an icon, or it could be something else entirely. Whatever BlackBerry Mobile happens to be hinting at here, it’s suggestive of the fact that the KEY2 will be a device that people will want to keep an eye on as the word icon isn’t usually used to describe anything that isn’t noteworthy.

The other somewhat interesting detail from the image in BlackBerry Mobile’s tweet is the textured pattern behind the lettering. It might be nothing, but it’s also possible that the texture may end up being a texture on the back of the device, which leads to some idea of what the design of the phone will be like if that ends up being the case. All that said the only definitive things that are clear at this point are that the name will be KEY2, and that BlackBerry Mobile will be unveiling the phone on June 7 at its event in New York City at 10 am.